Apple (Double) (FW) help

Just used some FW Double Apple and find it lacks flavour. It’s a 50/50 mix. Anyone have a recommendation on Apple flavour.

What percentage did you use?

Flavor details of Apple Double (FW) :smile:

Well 13% !! I did add 2% cotton candy and 1% koolada. I made it for a friend who’s big on Apple, and he didn’t rate the Apple flavour he liked the sweetness though. It’s FW Double Apple concentrate.

Cotton Candy is Ethyl Maltol which can mute flavors. Try without - maybe add marshmallow or sucralose instead of cotton candy… Otherwise I don’t know the flavor. Maybe @ringling does? :smile:

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Thanks. I’ll try with the marshmallow. :smile:

I have never used Apple (Double) by FW unfortunately however, there are few FW flavors that I use less than 15% flavoring in a Standalone, or in your case a near standalone blend. As @daath said EM or cotton candy should not be used as a sweetener. It will indeed mute other flavors. Lately I have been hearing some say it contributes to vapor tongue. I try to avoid sweetening but when I need to I only use Marshmallow…

When using Marshmallow for sweetening you need to keep the percentage at or below 2% of your recipe. Even Marshmallow contains small amounts of Maltol which is similiar to EM and so keep it down. Try this and then adjust to taste…

Apple (Double) FW 17%
Marshmallow FW 2%
Koolada 1%

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Thanks. I’ll give this a go.

A quick question if I may, for measuring liquids do you find digital scales give a more accurate and reliable measure as opposed to a syringe ?

Both methods (scale/syringe) have their advantages. It’s all about how you feel works best for you. I think both have their sweet spot.

I find a scale to be the cause of much joy :wink: It’s so much faster and much less messy. I mix directly into the bottles. When I was using syringes etc, mixing was a chore - now it’s just something I do when I need it, or feel like it :smile:


LOVE my scale and I’m so happy I converted !

It is much more accurate as long as you do not overshoot your mark. Got to pay attention to what you doing…

I am pretty disappointed with Double Apple (FW). The best apples that I have made have all invariably utilized Quince (TPA). You can definitely use it to prop up the double apple, which I would keep below 50% of your apple flavors. Quince is closer to apple than any apple flavor I’ve ever tasted. I consider it a must if you like apple.

Scales vs. Syringe, IMO it depends on how your flavors are packaged. If they are just open top (non-dripper) bottles you are going to have to suck it up in a syringe anyway. . .KidneyPuncher packages their flavors like that. If you have the nice dripper or dropper bottles for flavors it’s definitely a scale FTW.

Just make sure you get a 0.01g scale, mine takes a few minutes to really stabilize if I am just adding small amounts of powerful flavors, and like @ringling says, you’ve got to be careful not to go over. . .and tare between each addition.

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[quote=“Solace71, post:4, topic:38764”]
Well 13%
[/quote][quote=“ringling, post:7, topic:38764”]
Apple (Double) FW 17%[/quote]

Myself and some other members are working on a thread that will address this issue. It’s a common mistake that a lot of noobs and some experienced mixers make quite often. I traveled that road for a long time myself. Vendors flavor choices and mixing percentages are at least 75% of the issue in bad mixes. Lack of flavor research also plays a large part in bad mix issues. Sometimes when you buy high volume cheap flavors, that’s just what you end up with… a bunch of cheap flavors that’s a pita to get any decent flavor in your mix.

Had a search for Quince and can’t seem to find a supplier in the UK. Fuji Apple seems to get good ratings.

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Makes sense. Any brands you recommend?