Apple filling recipe help

I am not familiar with apple filling and would appriciate suggestions for recipes. I use flavorah flavors

This is what I use in my Apple Pie.

FA Apple Pie 4%
TFA Brown Sugar 0.5%
CAP Butter Cream 0.5%
FA Liquid Amber 0.5%
INW Buscuit 1.0%

I find that the FA Apple Pie has very little crust flavor so if you made this without the Biscuit it would be real close to just the filling.


Going to adapt this to RF SC as their apple pie I also find a little light on the crust notes.


My sister is addicted to this recipe. Perhaps it will offer some ideas.


Nice! Thanks for the recipes!!

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@louiesquared what exactly does the liquid amber taste like ?

Liquid Amber can a baked fruit flavor to pastries and deserts or a Cider flavor to straight fruit recpes.


Interesting. I’ve seen it while shopping, but chickened out at the end. Like INW Biscuit is to crusts maybe ?

I have a private recipe that uses Apple Filling FLV and it is a weekly mix for me. I trade this liquid on other forms quite regularly because the mod makers I deal with love it.


Waffle and apple pie is delish!

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