Apricot Ice cream wanted

I’ve just picked up a 10ml bottle of Apricot from Decadent Vapours and I’m looking to make an ice cream type flavour.
I already have CAP and FA vanilla bean ice creams but I’m finding that the vanilla just kills off the apricot even though they go well together.
I will keep trying but I just wondered if anyone has any experience with the DV Apricot and could drop a hint or two?


Maybe this can be something for you.

or this one from our own @DarthVapor


I think I will go make that right now.

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Try going the Cap Sweet Cream and Purilum Condensed milk route instead of the vanilla based flavors you can add a little of them at the end if you think the vanilla in a super small amount will bring out the flavor a little also consider adding a tiny bit of lemon or sour flavor to make the apricot pop it is a very subdued flavor when mixed but its great tasting if you can find something to compliment it and make it pop.

Use flavorah cantaloupe to complement the apricot. It will give it a creaminess. Little dab 'ill do ya, 0.2% I like Vienna cream, vbic, marshmallow, and a dab of coconut for my cream base

Thanks for all the suggestions!
I’ve not been online for a while due to work ,:persevere:.
Got to get mixing again.
So far it’s been one disaster after another.

Oooo I got you:

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