Aqueous glycerin vs vegetable glycerin?

Hey guys, long time reader. First time poster. Been vaping for about 5 years now. Making my own juice for around a year. The big question I have is recently I’ve been getting more into the hobbyist side of rda’s, and playing around with thicker juices for dripping. I’ve always just used traditional tanks for the most part. Most of the juices I make are almost always a 30/70 blend. Which for some may be a little high, but i have personally never had any wicking issues at that viscosity. Especially if you prime your coils properly. So I’ve been experimenting with 10/90 blends for the past couple weeks, and it seems that even in a dripper using a premium cotton. It’s just too thick. almost to the point where it’s leaves a molasses type residue on everything. So my question is with aqueous glycerin how does it’s viscosity compare to vegetable glycerin? Does anyone mix with it? Is there a formula for diluting your vg with distilled water? What ratios do you use? I still have a little under a half gallon of vg left before I need to reorder, but is there a online retailer that sells AG? I normally use wizard labs and e cig express, but they don’t seem to offer any AG. Thanks in advance for any input.

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I don’t use water in my DIY but I’ve heard of people using distilled water when they don’t want to add PG for sensitivity or allergy reasons.

I found a post by Kurt at ECF where he said “When I make my DIY VG juices, I keep the total % of flavor + water = 20%. Flavors are generally PG so do thin a juice some. So if my flavor is 10% then my water is 10%. Flavor 5%, then water 15%. I find for non-PGA VG juices this seems to be the right formula for me.”

That sounds like a great method to me.

I vape 30/70 in both RDAs and RTAs. It’s never been a problem for me unless I overfill an RDA and have liquid leak through the airflow. I’ve tried thicker liquids that were pre-made but they don’t impress me as being superior for dripping. So I’ve never seen any reason to change the viscosity of my recipes.

Bottom line - if it works for you, it works. :slight_smile:

I have only recently decided to dropped down my pg usage mainly from a sensitivity point. Anyhow, I have found that only 1-2% depending on pg range if it’s over 13% I may still use only 1% distilled water if it’s only a small amount of pg( ex. like 8-9% ) i will use 2% distilled water this has been perfect for me in a tank and larger RTA using VG max.

I have heard of ppl using AG but I don’t know the actual ratio of the thinned vg they use. I looked around and it seems like it’s VG that’s diluted with 20% distilled water ( seems like alot ) I have done quite a bit of experimenting and the higher the distilled water the more the flavor does mute.