Aqueous Glycerine?

What are people take on this stuff? Beneficial or not?

Ive read people add water to weaken the PG due to being intolerant to it. Me being one getting very dry skin if i have too high PG. Thing is this is the equivalent to VG

Question is if I used this instead of VG how would I calculate the ratio ? The same ?

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It is VG with distilled water added to thin out the VG.
I believe you would use it the same way as normal VG.


Had some before, just found it too runny for my liking tbh. It was closer to the consistency of PG than your usual VG

Doesn’t affect flavor in any way though, if a thinner juice is your thing

I have used it often, I don’t do anything differently on the calculator. I believe it’s approx. ( overall bottle ) 15-20% distilled water and Vg. I think it may be right up your street…you have said you’ve had issues w/ perfumey and harshness this could tamp down some of that being there’s going to be a small % of flavor dilution d/t having the AG in a batch vs traditional vg. I mix max vg and really didn’t see a huge difference but then again I mix on the lighter side.