Arctic Dolphin Hector RTA Giveaway: The Shortest & Cheapest RTA for You

Guys…if short RTA tanks are your thing, then you should really check out our new prize - Arctic Dolphin Hector RTA. It’s only 42mm high (drip tip included), probably the shortest RTA on the market. And it comes with a decent tank capacity of 3.5ml, suitable for most vapers. 24mm diameter offers enough room for various coil builds. The most interesting part of this RTA is its airflow design, featuring bottom air holes in the deck base which make sure the air travel direct to the heating part and also shorten this RTA’s whole height. Another plus is its price, no more than $15, must be the cheapest RTA in the world. Now back to the point, we have prepared 1 set of Hector RTA for you guys to test. You only need enter to win!!

Giveaway Rules:

  1. How do you think about this Hesctor’s bottom airflow design?
  2. Do you know any RTA similar to Hector?
  3. What coil you will build with this RTA?
  4. Share this RTA on your social media.
  5. Tag 2 of your friends here.


  1. We use to select and announce winner on Feb. 5th, 2017.
  2. Every participant could enter 5 times, one entry one post.
  3. We require at least 20 participants.
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when it leaks, it will leak directly on to your mod…

what’s the deal with that airflow hole?? when the atty is screwed onto your mod, wont it be blocked?

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Theres an O-ring to prevent it from sealing
There is also a disc to create a gap for the air

The only thing different about Hector is the bottom airflow, the deck, the tank, the chimney is pretty standard these days

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Dual Clapton Coils, probably .5ohm

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The Wotofo Troll RTA is similar and in my opinion designed better, also has bottom airflow but it comes in from the side of the bottom, similar to the Kennedy airflow. I think the fact that the airflow is under the RTA and so close to the mod may well cause problems, not only if there is a leak but may also restrict the airflow.


Hmmm… This seems like it won’t end well. That has to be the poorest design for a RTA that I have seen.


Think silicone cases could cause problems with the airflow…

No, i think it is quite unique :slight_smile:

ss316L 28/34 fused claptons

@Lolly @Grubby @Pugs1970 @DrChud @Kalahariuk

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im not a pro but it seems like it will work fine

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not sure im just getting into the rta scene

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.5 clapton most likely

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shared to fb

@Rob62 @GPC2012

Looks like it should produce good flavor, just not sure about the air inlets being on the bottom.

I don’t know any others with the air coming straight up like this