Arduino or?

You’re a good dad, Dan.


That looks very cool bud!


They’re not: on zooming in threey look like little speakers or microphones or both in one, I’m pretty sure small speakers can be used as both.

Like little sonar eyes.


Uncle. Thank the lord above and below. No children here and I have never been married. I figure, couples are always trying to talk single people into getting married but that’s only because misery loves company.

I’m having a hard time hitting the “buy it” button… It actually is a starter kit too. I get to build it and also learn programming. Do you know how to do that, programming I mean?

Maybe that’s what they are? It supposed to be able to follow a line on the floor and avoid objects.


Must be: either one emits sound while the other receives it bouncing back off objects or they both transmit and receive…

I mean they’re positioned for navigation where eyes would go.


Ya, I thought it looked pretty cool but assumed they were cameras. That’s what I get for assuming. I have the itch and want it bad. To learn. It’s all about learning. That’s what I tell the family anyway.


I thought cameras too until I zoomed in and saw the mesh covering what look more like little buzzers or something.


Maybe they’re movement detectors.

There’s doo many components that’re round and look like that it’s hard to say from the pics, but it’s gotta be something related to navigation because where they’re located.


Yes and no.
There’s so many types, I can’t answer that with certainty. Besides which, most of what I learned is so outdated, that it’s not likely to apply.

I have done a bit of code editing, but it really depends on the language. (EG: Python, C+, C++, etc) Still, really not likely to apply.

If it’s truly a starter kit, I would think you should be fine. I can’t imagine they would want tons of returns thanks to people not being able to get it working. And besides which, they should want people to buy other starter kits they sell, so I would imagine that they would be pretty well documented and supported (in one form or another).


That kit looks perfect, Dan, and affordable :+1:


I figure it the same way. I suppose I will find out eh? Of course I have to actually buy it and I better do it soon before I run out of money.

Ya, the reviews are hopeful and I like to read the one and two star reviews first.

It does doesn’t it… :+1: :grin:


I’m sporadically getting better and better with PHP - finally getting my head around using PHP with MySQL database manipulation last time I was into it with an SQL database that does a whois lookup on every visit then creates a new entry with 15 different details about any visitor to any page with just one line of code required at the top of each page to be monitored that includes the stalk_user script, which handles the aforementioned tracking.

Course it’s either random google visits or bots crawling the site since I use it for nothing and frequently wipe anytime I wanna try something else out, but tracking visits to an SQL database is a function I can instantly see working.

Sporadically, because it grabs my focus in fits and starts, though it’s one of the few things I’ve continually returned to over the years - web development - purely out of interest and because you can instantly show someone a web page without the need for endless downloading zip files or having to compiling c/java.

Websites are universally accessible to anyone with a browser.


Yknow the endless stream of facebook friend suggestions I keep getting spammed with are teaching me over time, that Christian women are on average, beautiful.

Not just beautiful, wholesome.

I mean you’ve reaaally gotta swipe a lot to get past all the yawn-worthy bible quotes with cheesy sunset backgrounds, but when you do, it’s almost always worth it.

That relates to the thread topic because… because Christian chicks can be into Arduino too.

I’m trying to be inclusive :slight_smile:

And because I’m gonna build myself a woman from Arduino.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Brilliant!!! I think I want to too. Perfect new hobby!!

As for Christian girls; I know an awful lot about Christian girls. I used to be a minister and it’s something we debated.
There are two types of Christian girls. Ok, three types but the PK’s (preachers kid) are in a category all by themselves. The first type are “waiting till marriage” and those are the ones you got to watch out for. The other type is every man’s favorite. They don’t wait and as a matter of fact, are quite wild if you know what I mean.

I have more, much more.