Are complex coils more about the art of making coils, rather than improving the quality of the vape?

Very recently I have been experimenting with coil building, and have just been pushing to make more and more complex coils.
I now believe that flavour, and even vapour improve only up to a certain point, before the complexity of the coil becomes obsolete and purely about looks rather than influencing the overal vaping experience.
Bare in mind my coil making is not the best there is by any means, but after going back to a nicely made, well position Clapton coil, I found that I enjoyed it just as much if not more than some of my more complex coils.


I think your right that’s why I stick to Clapton’s and Fused Claptons or just single wire coils now


But I do want to experiment with handmade notch coils, but that involves using a Tig welder

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I have not tried one yet but they do look quite basic as well, at least what I have seen, kinda half way between a non contact coil and a micro coil. If I had to guess I would say they are probably a nice vape. And with the right setup could be quick and easy to experiment with

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Yes, at some point the vape isn’t going to improve. Even if taste is perspective, at some point it becomes more about how far you can go in the craziness of building versus looking for a better vape.

Now if you are talking about things like wicking properties of the coil, then maybe some of these crazier builds might work better. I haven’t built them but have tried a few advanced builds thanks to friends and honestly after fused claptons, I haven’t noticed grand changes in the vape based on the builds.


Talking about wicking properties, despite my recent epiphany I wouldn’t mind giving these ago lol…


I’ve just look at it as a big picture. The atty (size and design), what can you fit, what’s your style of vape, and so on.

For me, the bigger coils take more of everything to heat up when using ss316L. I find it annoying. Some of my attys just a simple dual wrap round wire gives me a great vape, quick build, quick ramp up time, and perfect flavor. Others I find that a simple Clapton is needed or fused, but often find myself asking should I try a simple build again.

For me, and granted my experience with complex builds is limited, it’s both. My favorite coil at the moment, a Framed Staple, that I put in my Goon gives more flavor and vapor than anything else that I’ve tried. They’re also fun to build. To each their own though. If you don’t enjoy doing it, it doesn’t matter what it does to the experience.


Couldn’t agree more, I love building coils, I have a pile of failed coils every day. It’s become a byproduct of vaping, just building the most crazy thing I can and blasting 100w+ at the thing. Then I pick up a sensible build and enjoy a nice vape.

I don’t have a lot of experience with fancy builds, but a good TC setup with a simple single wire coil (or two if you prefer) is pretty dang hard to beat. Without TC tho, the complex coils are supposed to make a noticeable difference.

I shared a similar opinion, that a fused clapton was about as good as it gets for flavour and anything else was just for show. I was absolutely wrong about that. Lots of companies are cashing in on the clapton craze, but guys like Squidoode, M.Terk, Ohm Boy OC, & Twisted Messes in the USA are dedicated vapers and very serious about flavour. If you have the skill check out their youtube channels, you can see how they do it, which wires they choose and which guages they use. I’m in the UK and I don’t twist wire but I know a guy that can, Juice Junkie’s Framed Staple coils are easily the best thing I’ve vaped on to date.

NB. If a coil looks like a knuckle duster it probably vapes like one.

To my experience those fancy coils are for mechanical modes not so much for regulated devices

Depending how you like to vape
If you like a hard hot quick hit then a mechanical mode with a kennedy rda with either a fancy dual coil or quad running at 1ohm or just below

I vape with a regulated mode and im not a cloud chaser or like a hot hard throat hit, im more a flavour chaser so i build between 2 to 4 ohms from 30 to 50w depending on build with either fused clapton or twisted mess and the flavour is awasome with both coils and i enjoy vaping within these ranges

If your thinking of crazy builds below 1ohm, do your research on your mode and rda or rdta or sub ohm tank if it can hadle that low ohm, i cant fire up 1ohm coils using a rx200 with 250w mode because its regulated.

I think a good answer here would be, it depends. What is your own definition of “quality of vape”?
For some, it’s big, hot white clouds, at 100+ watts. In that case, yes complex builds will deliver big improvements - also the number of coils. Thinking of someone I saw who really enjoyed the six & eight claptons in a famous tank.
For others, it’s cool or warm flavorful vape. In my experience, you get another level moving from single strand to twisted, then another jump with single core Clapton but beyond that the flavor gain with more complex builds diminishes. That’s where I settled. So it’s really subjective and individual