Are Rayner's Flavours safe to use in e-liquids?


I’ve seen reference to rayner’s flavourings on the site and it seems people are using it to make ejuice.

I’ve researched a bit and asked around and ppl generally tell me that supermarket flavourings can contain sugar or other additives that could harm you.

They don’t seem to contain alcohol (says so in the bottle) and the 3 ingredients are PG, water and flavouring.

Are these flavours known to be generally safe to use? (save the ones that have other ingredients in the list)

Should i avoid them because they are supermarket products?

I’ve actually sent the company an email to make sure those were the only 3 ingredients and am waiting for their answer.

Here is their answer:
“Dear Bruno,
The four flavours which you have mentioned below contain the following:
Chocolate: Water/PG/Flavourings
Peppermint: Water/PG/Flavourings
Lemon: Water/PG/Flavourings
To my knowledge there is no sugar present in any of these products.
Best Regards,

Thanks for any feedback. I am new to vaping and diy e-juice and any feedback would be nice.


I know nothing about that brand at all but i do wonder why not use flavors from the well known brands that are considered safe to use like Capella, FlavourArt, TFA, Inawera, Flavor West, Lorann, Flavorah and Real Flavors. I might have missed a brand or two.

I read you, it’s just that i have them here and it’s an old brand (1851) and the ingredients are pretty much the same as in any eliquid.
Also it is really cheap and more ppl that could use them if they are thrustworthy.
I thought it could add up to the forums and it was suggested that i did it by a forum moderator, as quoted below (forgot to add it to the post):
“Hi Bruno5,
I suggest posting your question in the Flavors category:
That way, more people can weigh in, not just me :slight_smile:
My opinion of the matter: If it’s only PG, water and flavoring you’re probably good. What is usually the problem with supermarket flavors is that they’re very weak compared to some of the super concentrated ones we use. Other than that - if they don’t contain fructose or stuff like that, it’s probably safe :slight_smile:
Happy vaping!

Anyways, thank you for your feedback! It was noted :wink:

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No worries, i hope someone can chip in and say what they think about that specific brand if they have any experiences with it.

I don’t know the flavor company in question, however what Lars said is correct I would also add make sure that they fully mix with water before use. I also see others have used them


Thanks for reminding me of that!! i’ve seen people show that test on youtube a while ago.

I am not sure any flavouring company is going to come out and say that tier product is safe for vaping and I still am not sure any is . Not enough studies and law suits they would be hard pressed to say such a thing. IMO I may be wrong they could but food grade and safe for heating is what I have seen
I sure believe that what I am doing is better than smoking .
I have when I first started mixing used some Vanilla from the grocery Isle. Not good results.

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I didn’t mention it was for vaping when i contacted the company, only about the composition to make sure the ingredients were all of them or if there were any other unlisted additives.
The thing with flavourings (from what i’ve learned), is that they could contain colouring, alcoohol or oils that aren’t good for inalation, but like @woftam said, we can always go to science and see if it TOTALLY dissolves in water.
I also think it is much better than smoking in so many ways.

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I would suggest asking for an msds sheet. “Flavorings” can be anything. There are lots of flavorings in a cigarette.

You can further to ask if their flavorings are naturally extracted or other.

Just food for thought. At this point I don’t need to add to my flavor stash outside of (in order) FA, inw, flv, tpa, rf, and cap.

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In the bottles some come with other chemicals, like triacetin and food colouring, others only water and pg… and they say non-alcooholic.
I honestly still don’t know if i’m going to use them, really :slight_smile: even though they seem thrustworthy to me, exacly because i have access to “official” ones…

Not sure how i go by asking for an msds sheet to the company(?)…

Thanks for your feedback

This is a good point to ask about. Walmart carries a flavoring brand called Watkins which is flavoring, water and alcohol. While a bit of alcohol isn’t a big deal, we just let the mix breath for a while, it’s the process they used to extract the flavor that could cause trouble. They way I understand it is some extraction methods leave trace amounts of sugars, oils and other things that we shouldn’t vape. Then again, how much trouble do these less safe things really cause?

The reason it’s good to know about grocery store flavorings is for emergency supplies. We can get VG at the regular store too, not sure where to buy PG. I’m blessed to have a confectioners hobby store near me that sells a good selection of Lorann’s but a lot of the flavors have oil or food coloring. It would be awesome if we could get some of our flavors at the local grocers.


You can just ask the manufacturer

MSDS, a Material Safety Data Sheet has to be made available upon request for any chemical being sold. Not only the manufacturer but I believe the retailer should be able to get you copy’s of them.

ironically they may contain no sugar compared to the stack of Flavor West Flavors laden with anywhere from 5-35%! Fructose. A few other brands and flavorings as well TPA caramel original being one of them. The “tiki roar” thread has a list of all the offenders. Im not against FW as many of their flavorings are good and inexpensive.

I’ll look it up :wink: thanks for the feedback