Are there any DIY meet up groups in the Everett, WA (Greater Seattle Area)

I was hoping to join a local meet up group that is mainly focused on DIY. I’m about 15min North of Everett, WA. Do any groups like this exist in the greater Seattle Area?

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I haven’t heard of any to my knowledge. I just moved from Everett ( Mill Creek area ) to Birch Bay, Wa.
I did google it in the past and it looks like there was a convention in Jan. 2016 in Lynwood but haven’t seen anything recent. Hey all y’all Texans out there did you see the VapeCon coming in April to San Antonio this year @Alisa @ringling @sillyrabbit I’m forgetting all my Southerners sorry !

Oooh… Wish I could go! That would be fun. I think there’s supposed to be one coming to Winstar in Oklahoma soon too.


I just seen there was a VapeCon literally 15 minutes from my house in Jan. bummer. These conventions should be publicized better.

I’d like to go to one, one day as well !

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Well I didn’t know is was going on till now. But that’s like a 12 hour round trip for me So I can’t make it