Are there any good Italian ejuice Co.?

My son is away at school in Sienna Italy. I want him to bring me back some juice. I really do not know anything about Italian juices. Do you guys know of any worth trying ? Thanks in advance

Flavour Art


As mentioned earlier. Yup. There’s that little company FA as mentioned above. Have him leave all of his clothes behind and fill up his suit cases with juice. You won’t be disappointed


Thank you. Yes i agree. I use flavour art a lot in my juices. I was wondering if there any premium ejuice company’s in Italy. Like we have cosmic fog and so on.

I just saw on their website that they DO make ejuice. Great Thanks so much.

I might be making this up, but I’d swear I read or heard somewhere that in Italy they are an e-juice maker primarily, and the flavoring business is just a side-project.

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