Are things changing?

For me I think it’s my headspace. I’ve got over a hundred mods sitting on a mantle and almost as many atties. Nothing much thrills me anymore. That’s not to say my enthusiasm regarding the activity of vaping has changed. I’m still very thankful to be vaping not smoking. I can grab any of those mods and an atty and suck on the thing and fog comes out. Tastes good too if I use one of my recipes and not commercial juice. Every now and again an atty falls apart so I would assume that someday I’ll be looking for more atties but right now I’ve got a good stock.


Lol, Walt, I feel the same way. Those bouts of shinyitis are few and far between these days.


Welcome to the forum @Coonasslouisiana you’ve come to the right place to get yer DIYing in gear. There’s plenty folks here who are happy to help with any questions you may have.


I’m right there with ya’. 2016 to 2019 stocking up was like a sport. Haven’t needed anything in a while now. Snuck in one last clearance grab a year ago, before the postal regs kicked in. Aspire mods for $5 ea. Why not? Gimmie four…lol


Having 50 or so mods and given/sold close to just as many, I’m pretty much set. Unless there is something truely innovative, I’m good. I mainly focus on replenishing my flavors and an occassional RDA/RTA. The hype stage of this experience has pretty much worn off and I’m content liking what I like and not looking much further to explore what else is out there in the vaporverse. That, and my recent stint being on disability (40% income reduction), has made me question what’s important. The exploring was a lot of fun, but I’m content just sitting on the porch for now. :relaxed:


@muth I know I stocked up way beyond crazy way back when we were just TALKING about the shipping bans. Others may be in the same boat. Let’s not let Build Back Broker off the hook here either LOL. The price of equipment may or may not have gone up substantially, but most OTHER things in our lives HAVE, and that may be factoring as well.