Are you an old blind fart like me

I have a little trouble seeing what topics are read and unread on the forum without my glasses which are invariably inconveinently somewhere else (usually hanging around my neck but I still can’t find em :laughing:)

Anyhow I use a little chrome add on called stylebot

Firefox has a similar addon called stylish if you use firefox it can be found here

This allows me to change the css of any website to something more readable to me.

When you have it installed you will see a button up the top right of your chrome browser that had css in green right click on it and select options then select styles then add new style

In the url section right up the top put

then in the body put

.topic-list a.title {
    color: #08c;

a:visited {
    color: #837874;

this will change the look of the site to

Now you may want to use a different format for the colors etc but this is what works for me. If you can be bothered doing it it makes the unread topics much easier for me to find. Hope it helps someone out.


Very cool! Thank you for this. I am def going to mess with the firefox one this weekend.


I bought a 27 inch monitor which is appx 3 feet from me, it is so nice to not have to squint. I also use No Squint Plus for Waterfox, it remembers the settings for each site. This is how i see ELR:

Stylish and Solarized Dark Everywhere with my font at 140%.

EDIT: The user style isnt perfect tho, ive just been to lazy to edit it.


If I happen upon times where it just seems things aren’t large enough for me to see, I just hold the ctrl button down and turn my mouse wheel a click or two (ctrl+mouse wheel) which enlarges or decreases the zoom on a webpage.


Im young… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s what I do

This is a geriatric forum for old mixers right? I’m deaf, dumb and blind…kinda feel right at home here

Must be using one of those braille monitors… on this forum

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css? Oh right - Can’t See S**t


css = Cascading Style Sheets it is a small file that has all the styles and color information for the site - the stylebot plugin injects values into it allowing you to change how the site looks

sux getting old…:rage:

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the term old could translate to character, which takes time and nurturing to develop. Aside from new aches and forgetfulness I feel like I’m 8 years old lol

Lol ya same brain says 20 body doesn’t agree at all

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Or you could use the triple A’s bottom left on the main screen to enlarge the font that Lars added for us oldies!


It is more for the forum and not so much the size for me just the contrast.

color me jealous. :slight_smile: