Are you folks following the Nude Nicotine discussion on Reddit?

Seems their nic, from recent batches, is testing WAY higher than what is described. This link is the follow up and it contains the link for the original OP. I personally trust the poster as i have followed him since i started. I have a bottle from the lot numbers posted and will be purchasing a test kit.

I did read the first post he made - I was skeptical.

The confirmed results are just downright scary though! :confused: I wonder what happened?!

Id like to know what happened as well. Jake swore that is was impossible but now that the results have been replicated i await his response. project_twenty5oh1 is one of the few people i trust that i have met on reddit. But as with everything on the interwebz i waited for confirmation.

Now i just need Jakes confirmation, as he was sent samples, to know how much VG i need to add to what i have so i dont have to recalculate every time i make a batch.

Almost doubled concentration - this is serious issue!

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It’s just really hard to believe because I have used new update nude nicotine for a long time now and know Jake… Also they do a batch spike test each day ?? I guess anything is possible but especially with the rules and regulations closing in… it’s just a real bad time for something like this to happen.

I remember when a much more serious issue happened yes ago with Box elder but it was a much higher and volatile error !!!

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It is, im waiting to see what NN has to say. I have a bottle from the lots of VG & Nic listed but from what i know they mix each bottle as ordered so lot numbers may not matter at all. I got the information from Jake before i even ordered from them. BlueX just started selling liquids, he has been on the DIY sub for awhile, and had to replace quite a bit of liquid which could be a result of this. They use gas chromatography tandem mass spectrometry to test each batch, according to the sheet they provide, so it is understandable that Jake is skeptical. I also trust the OP, i do not believe he would try and cheat anyone.

Ill wait and see what Jakes results, OP sent samples, are and his conclusion but i dont see this affecting my ordering from them. I ordered a test kit to test mine, im kind of hoping it is this high. Nearly double the nic for the price i paid would be awesome but for those who already mixed and sold this could damage their reputation.

Lesson here is to test your nic. the kits arent expensive and it is easy to do.

EDIT: Words are hard.

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