Aromamizer Plus

Anyone gotten one of these yet? Just curious as I already ordered two of them based on my experience with Steam Crave and Aromamizer tanks. Got a new Aromamizer Supreme limited addition as well. :sunglasses:

Thanks, and Go Bolts!


I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, good call on getting 2 of them…

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I’m still waiting on mine, ordered it from FastTech during their Xmas sale. $28, winner! Wish I’d spent extra and ordered from Steam Crave, just so I didn’t have to wait until the 2nd coming of Christ for it :confused: haha

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Subtank Supply has them in stock

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Tanks came in the mail today: looking sweet!!! Ten ML is almost as big as my VCMT tanks so the 20 ML is going to be massive. I’ll play with them a bit tonight and write something up later in the week.

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Got one of the Plus tanks (10 ML setup) built up last night with fused, flat twisted KA at a 4.0 MM ID, and WOW. Flavor is amazing for such a tall tank. The build was pretty basic with the only challenge that a 4.0 MM coil may just be too big as there’s a ton of cotton to stuff in the juice wells. No dry hits until about 135 watts on this build and it vapes down to 50 watts with good flavor and cloud production. The 20 ML tank is a skyscraper. Deciding on the build for this one, maybe a simple 10 wrap 24 gauge 316L. A size comparison of some of my collection is below. All but two are armomamizer and those two are a 30 MM and 36 MM VCST from Vapors Cloud.


@Mugster, there`s a convo going on on ECF >UK Forum > Fasttech Veterans starts on page 1023, that you might be interested in

@ Mods, if it was inappropriate to give that information, please delete my post and accept my apologies

As promised in the vapemail thread

All I can say is holy cow. This tank is so much more than monster size I have to agree with[quote=“Mugster, post:6, topic:102253”]
Flavor is amazing for such a tall tank

It truly is a very flavorful tank - i coiled it up with a couple of trip 26 ss 316l fused with 40 ss316l 7 wrap

wicked it up with rayon and wow it is great it should cut down my refills - only issue was I thought it would go on the gx350 and there is a massive overhang so i chucked it on the gpriv and while there is still overhang it is not as bad.

Here is a comparision shot whit the alien with a tfv8 next to the gpriv with the Aromamizer plus - the aromamizer has the same amount of juice that the tfv8 holds in it lol


does it leak?

Have not seen 1 drip from it at all - very happy about that because with 20ml in it it would be a tad messy if it dumped its juice.


You bet it would. Thanks!

Nice!! Have you tried it in dripper mode yet?

Na not yet - I only use drippers for flavor testing and I have a few for that so it will likely be a long time before I do

Not that it’s going to stop me from ordering one, or two, but how is the last 5ml of juice after boiling through 15ml?

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Ya I have not seen any tank steep or juice degrade - but I hoover throught it pretty quickly:laughing:

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Thanks. Have you used it exclusively for one day to see how much juice you consume?

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Not sure I want to know lol but it appears to be more economical that the smok tfv8 (not hard) but I have put maybe 40ml thruogh it so far