Asking questions on MECH mods doesn't mean you're an idiot!

I’ve read in a couple of forums now, some disparaging remarks to people asking questions. Mechanical mods tend to really bring out the comments berating people asking questions.
An RDA getting hot doesn’t mean you’re being unsafe with your battery safety or build. I have an RDA that gets quite hot with a very reasonable resistance, and others that run petty cool even pushing the limits. Asking the question doesn’t automatically mean that they are being unsafe. Often, it means they’re still learning.
We all need to realize that we all did EVERYTHING the first time once, and I know for sure that MY first build on a MECH mod was pretty conservative, and didn’t vape very well at all. I tried different coils in different materials, differing wire types and coil diameters. Still… Stumped. Luckily, I had someone that didn’t berate me for being stupid and actually helped me out. I learned some new things, and through even MORE trial and error, found a situation that worked for me.
Another thing… Starting out, many of us don’t have twenty different wire gauges in six different materials just lying around waiting on someone to pick them up and make the latest, greatest build that we see made on YouTube. I know that I’VE always appreciated advice from someone who’s been there, done that, and can offer a little insight. Let’s face it. This is a hobby that we can sink a LOT of money into. To have that money invested, and it still doesn’t work doesn’t make it easy to keep it up, and in our case, most of us do this to stop smoking.
Let’s give the newbies more advice, and less grief while still advocating safety. We can do that without making someone afraid to ask questions for fear of being chastised for something and then not asking the questions that should be asked in the name of safety.


I, and most people I know here on ELR do agree with what you’ve posted. I guess I missed a thread here that berated someone asking questions?


ELR and its’ members are not prone to have that type of attitude. Quite the opposite actually. Glad you found us.


So far, I’ve found people on this forum quite helpful and informative. It’s very refreshing actually! I was more venting about reading some things on another forum. Posted this there as well. Sorry for any confusion, but sometimes I think we ALL need to remember that we weren’t consummate vapers the first time we picked up that first atty.


I personally remember this every day, in every reply to a seemingly basic question that’s been asked a million times. It may be simple and redundant, but it isn’t the millionth time that particular noob has asked it, so sound advice will always be given rather than admonishment.

Regarding mech, however, can be a different story. The fact that many of us are experienced vapers instills in us a responsibility, a duty even, to point out obvious issues that can lead to a very bad situation. Sometimes in the course of dispensing advice, the requestor’s feelings can get hurt and they can feel they are being chided, when actually strong words of caution and advice are needed to ensure proper comprehension. Regulated mods are not 100% safe, but they are far safer than a mech in the hands of an insufficiently aware user. So while I will not call someone daft or moronic, I will speak a bit louder to get a point across when needed. Remember, it only takes one bad circuit to knock out your teeth, or worse.

Put another way, how about the story recently of the guy that had an 18650 explode in his pocket? He fully admitted he tossed a spare in his pocket and headed off to a meeting. Not surprisingly, it interacted with his keys or coins and the result was a serious injury. Would you consider him an idiot? From the perspective that he blamed it on vaping, yes indeed. But this was a lack of safety education that led to the occurrence. He would have been spoken to loudly by me about the need for battery condoms for spare cells until he was clear on the need for protection. Hopefully he would have understood it prior to an accident happening. If you had the opportunity to prevent such an accident with non-kid glove words, would you have used them? Of course.


Absolutely agree :+1:

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We can establish safety perceptions without being bullies about it. My comments were more directed about other questions. I know I tried applying things that I learned on regulated mods that were safe, yet just didn’t work. My questions were pretty much about how to get the flavor that I used to get, and no longer was, even though calculating ohms law, the wattage was very similar. Some of it turned out to be my mod, some my atty, and some was my wicking and coil placement.
No one wants to see anyone get hurt, but I think some people tend to treat other questions with a harshness that’s simply counter productive.


Yes, agreed. There is actually a fine line between stern but good intentions and the perception of condescension. I completely agree that it is counter-productive to chastise someone for asking a question. When I was green if someone said I was a dumb idiot that should not be vaping, I would have been offended and even maybe discouraged from vaping. I have, however, been given harsh advice in the spirit intended, and benefited greatly, too.

But to your point, it is a real shame to see bully vapers pushing noobs around.


I do agree. It even happens here from time to time. There is something that happens when people hop on a bandwagon when talking about devices and rda’s in terms of what is best vs wrong vs penis size. This is why I can thankfully now revert back to only using a handful of devices and rdas and not have to deal with what is the best new rda. By the way my goon v1 (3 of them and 3 v1.5) are great, entheon are doing just great for me lol. Best ever. (Now just wait someone will say the recurve is better lol)


If you see that happening here, feel free to flag those comments. These types of comments are not at all appreciated here. The general code of conduct is for people to be helpful and welcoming to new members.
If members don’t want to help others, ridicule them, be offensive, or whatever other negative behavior, they shouldn’t participate in the conversations and waste their and other people’s time. And if they do (we’re all human sometimes), those messages are usually flagged and removed pretty quickly.
We have some pretty awesome moderators that know how to deal with such situations and keep this forum nice and clean for everyone.