asMODus Colossal 80W

I’m not much of a reviewer, but, I thought I would throw out a thumbs up for the asMODus Colossal. I’ve been on the hunt for something to replace my old reliable Joyetech EVic Mini’s, when they finally bite the dust (they just won’t die!). The Colossal seems to foot that bill… inexpensively ($32.95 Vapor Range).

Here’s just one of many YouTube review vids on the mod. This dude generally gives a fair review without too much BS. :smirk:

Once you get used to navigating the menu (fairly simple), the first thing you’ll want to do is change the, somewhat annoying, “swipe down to unlock” feature to the “tap 3 times to unlock” feature. After that, navagation is a cinch.

I’m a “power mode” vaper, so I haven’t tried out the TC side of things… video reviewers can clue you on that topic.

Another thing that annoyed me about the Colossal, which was soon taken care of with some slight modification… the raised plastic surrounding the positive connection on the mod. It’s a battery wrap ripper! Found this out on my first attempt to remove the battery. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Both of the Colossal mods I own had this issue, until I did a little modification on the raised plastic. However, after I filed down the raised plastic surrounding the positive post of the mod, the battery slips out of the mod like butter! :hugs:

I used a the rough file on my multi-tool… but I’m sure a rough nail file/emory board would work as well; perhaps not as fast, but it would eventually file that plastic down.

AsMODus claims that this “safety feature” of the mod is for battery protection!

“In order to provide a safer device, asMODus have developed an elevated battery battery guard, a design that utilizes a raised plastic rim around the positive contact that holds the battery in place, providing the most secure connection ever present in a vaporizer as well as preventing any conductive material from brushing against the exposed metal of the contacts.”

That’s great and all :smirk:… but if your “safety feature” rips the crap out of my battery wrap when removing the battery from the mod… that “feature” is going to be “fixed” by me, so as not to destroy my battery wraps.

With the crazy amount of downward force/pressure that the compression spring in the negative post is exerting on the battery, coupled with the tightly fitted clam shell battery door… I feel the battery is very firmly and safely in place once installed. No need for a raised plastic rim around the positive post… file it off! :triumph:

Moving on…

After working with an analog (push button) setting device for so long, working with a newer, touch screen, device takes a little patience. :sweat: I’m working through it!

I’m enjoying the coil fire (coil ramp) feature, which is new to me. The mod has a “Hard, Normal, and Soft” fire setting which, for some, will enhance the vape experience. Soft setting fires the coil gently, whilst the Hard setting gives it to you fast and solid.

I’m digging the rounded edges of this mod; very sleek and comfortable in the hands and pocket.

Even though there are no magnets which hold the battery door in place, rather a clam shell type pressure… I’ve not had any issue with the battery door coming loose from the mod.

All in all… it’s a solid little, kick around, workday type mod, which I’m hoping will be a long lasting purchase. I see these getting $cheaper and cheaper$ online, so that means they’ll no longer be manufactured much longer. :smirk: … Get’em while you can, before they’re history. :boom::dash:

Vapor Range (US sales) has them as cheap as I’ve seen them so far. And shout out to Vapor Range for getting my purchases to me in a damn hurry! Love those guys! :sunglasses:


Nice review, and great tip on the battery rip fix! :thumbsup:


Thanks for the review!:file_cabinet:


Nicely done @Kinnikinnick, thank you.


Thank you for the review and your thoughts :+1:

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