asMODus Silvanusa 70wt mod: Any thoughts?

I’m looking for a nice single 18650 regulated mod for my wife, hoping someone here might have some suggestions.

I found the Silvanusa searching Google for single 18650’s and like the reviews. Wanting some advice here, I searched all of the ELR for it, and GX70 chip it uses, but returned no results. Anyone have a gx70 based mod?

Her only basic requirements are that it’s safe, has wattage mode(no tc needed) and is of higher quality than the her aspire nx7, eleaf, etc… she ususlly vapes around 40 watts, with an Arctic .5ohm.

Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Sigelei Spark 90.

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Man, that’s a pricey mod for 70 watts! Unless you have disposable income I’d keep shopping around.


Thanks for the tips! :slight_smile: I want to exceed her basic requirements, at least a bit. Looking at the more expensive mods, as long as the quality is worth the extra $. The stabilized wood looked cool, but I’ve never heard of the gx70. Might find something with a DNA chip, I don’t know. We’re both getting tired of the $40-$65 mods. I want to feel a real upgrade happening, but not shop by price, either! I’m just scratching the surface of the reviews and brands out there.

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Arctic Dolphin Arthur. 80w mod, single 18650. Sexy looking.

@Lolly has one and she may be able to tell you how it performs. Also @Steampugs may still have a discount code for one, not sure on that.


Think the old discount code should still be valid - APUGS15 🖒


That looked like the winner, until I watched this review :frowning: if you skip to the 12 minute mark, he unloads a metric ton of highly anylized cons. Not knowing much about advanced mods, I’d love to hear what you guys think about it, if you have time to watch. A second opinion on his analysis would be great. I appreciate all the help!


Thanks! I hope it works out.

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Yeah I only tested it in wattage mode and had no issues at all, I don’t TC and I don’t have the equipment to test all the things Daniel did but…I absolutely trust everything he says so if TC is your thing it’s probably not a good choice and it’s also kinda old now in vape years…It is a beautiful mod though and has been (and still is) is very good wattage mod.


I’m not a technical guru so take this with a pinch of salt…

  • My Arthur has never misread coil resistance…my Smok Alien on the other hand has (I still love it though :laughing:)

  • I’m not a high wattage vaper and I don’t do TC. I vape on the Arthur at 31W and the Alien at 32-35W - I don’t find the Arthur is overpowering at this wattage.

  • My fire button doesn’t rattle at all and it’s had daily use for around 5 months.

  • The screws on mine are flush and don’t scratch my table (actually just checked :laughing:).

  • I’ve never found a decrease in power when the battery is low. With the Alien I can tell when my batteries are low without looking at the screen. It’ll still vape, but I can tell the power is reduced. With the Arthur, I never notice any drop in power until it actually stops firing. N.b…I do keep an eye on my battery drain so it’s not a frequent occurrence, but it has happened a couple of times.

Now I may well have got lucky with mine, and I know @Grubby had a faulty one and got it replaced.

But…I really like this mod. It hits well and looks beautiful. It also feels sturdy and has a bit of weight to it, seeing as its only a single battery mod.

Hope this helps in some way!


Second this. Daniel knows his stuff.


Thank you, @Lolly, and @Steampugs! (and everyone else!) I’m sold on It! Is that discount code for the Arctic Dolphin website?


No it’s for Heavengifts :+1:


No, it’ll be Heaven Gifts website. And no probs, glad I could assist :+1:


Man, seems like they sent out some beta units to reviewers, then made changes using their advice. VapnFagan had the same scratchy screws, recessed power buttons, dramatic power fade and rattly fire button! Is that a thing? Using reviewers as your qc department?

Daniel made an update to his first review after they sent the retail version: