Aspire Cleito Contest by HeavenGifts: Looking for cloud chase

Dear all,

What do you expect most from a vape gear? Huge vapor production, good taste, or new techs? Well, if huge cloud is what you are after, here you get one chance to experience amazing vapor with a new tank. We are gonna give away 1 set of Aspire Cleito tank.

To enter this contest:

  1. Share your views on vape devices that can produce huge vapor.
  2. Share your experience on puffing big cloud, including the vape devices you use or the pictures of you are blowing huge vapor.

This contest will be ended in Jan 12, 2016. Winner will be selected and announced in Jan 13, 2016.

------------------------------------------------About Aspire Cleito Tank--------------------------------------

Cleito, the latest tank from Aspire, aims to increase the vapor production of a pre-made coil in an easy and simple way.

Aspire redesigned the structure of the tank, merged the chimney and coil into one piece to reduce the structure limitation on vapor production. With the new Cleito tank, people can enjoy the maximum vapor produced by its coil itself directly as a dripper does, no longer limited to the regular slim chimney any more.

3.5ml e-liquid capacity
Tempestuous airflow and vast vapor production
Wide bore Delrin drip tip with imported material
No chimney within the tank
Corlorful Cleito cuffs available
Revolutionary Cleito coil design


huge clouds contain huge flavor! very important!
i use Billow v2, Goliath v2, Griffin, Aromamizer

I use my Velocity for testing flavors. But if I crank open the airflow I can set off the smoke detectors in my place from across the room. I use my Velocity on my iPV 3 Li running at 530 degrees or so and 80J with a dual 24awg Ti build.

I love that coil design. I really don’t know why they haven’t thought of that yet. That’s really quite slick.

ever since i was a young boy i wanted to blow huge clouds! now with the invention of the vaporizer and with subohm technology, I CAN! I love using my Dimitri box topped with the doge v2 and some big alien coils to blow the massive clouds :smile: thank you for another amazing opportunity! @Heaven_Gifts

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My cloud producers are the Mutaton X V2, Dark Horse, Doge V2 and Velocity. With the exception of the Velocity, they don’t do much for flavor so I don’t use them as often. My tanks are not considered cloud chasers but the Smok TFV4 does pretty well and gives out great flavor. Would love to give the Cleito a go and see what it can do. Thanks for the opportunity to win one and good luck to everyone!

So I don’t have the super setup for cloud chasing with the ipvd2 with a crown tank 0.3 coil but it sure does the trick. When a girl in Vegas over last weekend said she would like to give it a blow and try out my diy b’nana I said sure why not…since I said it would rock her world. Handed my mod over with the bj (black jack) dealer watching in anticipation. I sure bet this newer tank from aspire would have helped her out in blowing a bigger cloud but she did like the juice.

Happy New Years everybody.

True story, but the dealer was more frustrated since I kept asking for the cocktail waitress and I was slowing the play down a bit.

Easier than typing a story LOL


Here is our guy blowing cloud with this Aspire Cleito tank!!!:grinning:

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Wow this device looks EPIC and thanks yet again for another comp

i started blowing clouds the day i got into mods haha.

at work i am not allowed to stand in the smokers shelter as everyone complains about the amount of Vapour i produce

currently using a Snow wolf 200 LTD edition gold and a Hellboy dripper with NI coils at 0.06 ohms

there have been times i vaped in the car and had to pull over as i couldnt see haha not good, they call me Thomas the tank engine at work i think that funny hahah

i would love a cloudy tank something that could hold juice but never thought of anything specific this looks ace

below is a pic of me on works cct vaping away
1 day i literally filled the shelter up with vape you couldnt see anything i am trying to find the cctv footage hahaha

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For clouds my go to is a Tugboat V2 & Velocity running dual claptons, I find flavor in both pretty good. I’ve not really found a tank that gives me the same satisfaction that I get from my RBA’s. My Lemo2 & Subtank mini rta’s give fairly good flavor, but clouds are lacking. So I’m still on the search for a good tasty cloud producing tank.

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This is what I use for them clouds :wink:

Stacked quad 24gn80 11 wraps on my velocity. This thing chokes you up :fearful:

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Guys, hurry up!!!
2 days left. You still have lots of chance to win.:wink:


Dear all,

Thanks for your participation and supports. Till now, we have already got 12 replies on this contest. So we are gonna to choose 1 winner by

Here is the announcement of our winner. Guess who is the luckiest guy. That’s right. It’s you! Lostmarbles!

Congratulations! Lostmarbles! You are our winner! Please PM us your ship address (including consignee, street, city, state, post code, country, phone or email address). And we will ship the prize to you soon. After receiving the tank, please share your real feeling and user experience with other vaping friends here.

Announcement of the winner doesn’t mean the end of the contest, but the beginning of the next contest. Pay more attention to HG. Interesting contests, new arrivals, discount deals, special coupons are waiting for you.

If you have interested in Aspire Cleito Tank, you can pick one from HG by using 8% off coupon code “AHGEVAPE”.


Wow I won? Thank you so much! I’ll PM the info. I am SO looking forward to playing with this!


congrats @Lostmarbles

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Thank you @wvsanta

Congrats @Lostmarbles

Can i just say @Heaven_Gifts u guys rock thanks for putting so many giveaways up we really apreciate the hard work and effort
I take my hat off to you

And great shop too


Congrats @Lostmarbles well done. :ok_hand:
And ditto @Dave_ward, I’m with you on thanking @Heaven_Gifts for the competitions. Thanks guys, well done and keep them comming. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Grats, @Lostmarbles!!

Thanks @Dave_ward, @Pattie and @Big_Benny_MI. I love new toys!

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