Aspire Clieto 120

Has anyone tried this tank , i have the original and its one of my favorites but this onenonly comes with a .16 coil that is rated 100 to 120 watts who vapes that high , and if the coil is rated for that dont you have to be between those watts

I don’t have the tank. It may be rare that high but as always to you gotta work your way up to the sweet spot. It could be 75, 80, and so on.

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it always confuses me when coil read ( 100 - 120 ) i guess thats what they suggest is best ???

A lot of talk about that tank but have not talked to anyone who is a real human who has tried it.

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if its anything like the original id be excited ill buy it and let you know , i just dont know if ill like the .16 coils we shall see

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You’ll be able to watch the liquid go down in the tank while you are vaping.

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Hello fidalgo_vapes

You mentioned you have the original Cleito, wow, this was the nuts to me when I first started vaping, you may be better off grabbing the Aspire Cleito Dual RTA, this thing is a beast, depending on ohms & your choice of wire you can take it really high, though this is not needed as the flavour as well as clouds are awesome. They are great to build on loads of space, the air flow is massive and well, it’s a nice size…

The only issue is, If you do get one of these bad boys, grab an Aspire fat boy 5ml tank cause the RTA/RBA is massive and without this your juice flow is reduced to about 2ml.

In the long run you will save yourself juice, be able to choose your ohms and never have to buy stock coils again.

Whichever you choose, happy vaping.



And now they have the RTA and Fat Boy glass expansion for the Cleito 120. And the RTA comes with a single coil adapter too.
And now I’m interested.

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Hi Big_Benny_MI

Wow those add on’s are all new to me thanks for letting me know and fair play, imagine how much juice you could get in that beast.

Not to mention the space for building coils, the air flow &, I forgot to mention in that last post the Cleito with the RTA & Big tank is a completely different beast, it looks great and makes it into a whole new tank.

I would personally get one, with all the add on’s the only reason holding me back is the form factor.

My favourite mod at the moment is the Smok Alien & this will only take a 24mm diameter tank comfortably.

Which is why my biggest tank is the Avacado 24, fits like a dream & looks great.

Although believe me if I had a 3 battery DNA or RX200 device I would not hesitate.

I can only imagine the performance of a 120 that’s been modded, even with the original Cleito with the necessary add on’s Chucks smoke like a steam train, everytime I fire her up, my misses opens all the windows & doors even in the winter.

Not that I’m a cloud chaser, I prefer flavour & wow, that thing tastes like your eating the juice.

I say go for it :grinning:

Depending on the coils you chose, I reckon that modded 120 would rival anything on the market today.

Tell you what, I would love to know how it performs, I might even have to invest in a new mod, just so it don’t hang over the edge. (Misses says 4’s enough though, I say I think I may need my ears syringed)

Let me know :grin:


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It’s on my wishlist.

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I have it. I can only run it on my rx200 and it wasn’t the best flavor. It was okay. I wasn’t that impressed with it. It ate through my batteries in a half a tank. Maybe it was the random mixed juice I put in it, that wasn’t my normal ADV which is really what I should test new tanks with…but I’m not a fan of that hot of a vape. I had to have it at 108watts just to get it to fire within a reasonable amount of time. Normally I vape everything on the low end of it’s suggested watts or even below that. My hubby has the V1 Cleito and loves them. I bought him the bigger glass tanks for his to increase his juice capacity and he’s a happy bunny. I wasn’t a fan of the V1 either. I taste the cotton too much. I tend to vape on my RDAs anyway, the Aeronaut and Velocity. Or the Aromamizer tank.

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Are you referring to the stock coils on the Clieto 120? or using the rta for the 120?

I didn’t get the RTA for it, just the stock coils. Maybe I should get the RTA before I throw it in the junk drawer. lol

I never bought the tank originally since it only had one coil option. It was a one trick pony. Now with the rta it’s got some potential.

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how is the 120 ??? compared to original and im very confused is the 120 for higher wattage or could you vape with the stock coils at say 60ish watts

It took forever for it to heat up and fire lower than 100watts with the stock coil. It also had quite a bit of spit back and popping. I got through a half tank and my batteries were dead…and I vape a lot, so it was like 2 hours on a 3 battery mod is a little ridiculous. If I have the option to build my own coil with the RTA then I’ll keep it and use it as that kind of tank. The air flow was fine because it was adjustable. I’ll just use it with my own fused clapton coil and cotton that I actually like.


Don’t own it yet.

And the 120 is for higher wattage. The coils are larger and the airflow is different from the original. It only has one choice of stock coil which is why I never bought it. Now that they have an RTA and expander tank, I’m interested. The RTA(RBA really) looks pretty nicely engineered.

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ya i love the original but the option of only vqping at that high was not for me i think they probably regret that one lol

Yep you are spot on, as far as I understand the 120 refers to the max watts of the stock coil Which you could never Vape at 60, unless you want no flavour or vapour. Although with the RTA mentioned by @Big_Benny_MI you can build any coils you wish, also as mentioned by @Big_Benny_MI you can use either dual or single builds.

Quick example: using a 5 wrap 3mm diameter single coil using Kanthal A1 at 26awg (0.8) , you can Vape between 14-26 or so watts, with 24awg (0.5) you can go from 18 to 30ish.

Swap this to a double 24 at 0.27 is around 32-65 watts.

26 double at 0.4 is about 26-52 watts.

Dual Clapton at 26/30 at 0.44 will give you around 60-110.

These are just rough estimates, but as you can see, this thing will do anything you want, change the wraps, the wire. Get your optimal Vape, never buy another stock coil, when you can get your perfect setup of wire from around a fiver from, eBay, Amazon, your favourite Vape shop for loads of it, a few bits of cotton. Sorted…

@Jennifer_Jarvis please don’t commit your 120 to your drawer, grab the RTA, chuck the stock coils in the bin and you will never look back, trust me. I’ve not had a 120 RTA but the standard Cleito RTA wipes the floor with every stock coil for these tanks.

Easy build, massive flavour, your own choice of cotton, wire, ohms, etc.

I’m gonna grab a new mod now, with a new set of batteries as mine are only in twos, which means a new charger, a 120 and all the mods.

My Smok Alien is gonna be pissed and if you don’t hear from me, I’ve been abducted.

Although just to show willing and my faith in this product having the original it has to be done, though I may wait for the Jan Sales it’s gonna be done.

Speak soon :grinning:




That’s probably why they brought out the RTA :grin:

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