Aspire Nautilus Leak Fix

Oh yeah, I still use my Nautilus tanks. It’s my go to when lying in bed or other times when I don’t want to produce cumulus clouds. But on many occasions I’ve had leaking through the air holes and could never figure out why. The last coil I installed was the worst and prompted me to do a little searching to see if it was a common problem, and I was led to this video. It fixed my leaking problem right away. I’m sure many of you have seen this but for those who may have shelved your Nautilus tanks when you would like to use them, check this out and give it a try. The guy is a little slow mo but it does fix it.


Interesting. Let me ask you a question though. This leaking you had, did it occur through out your complete tank of juice or when your juice started getting low?

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The whole time. I know all about that closing the air hole thing when screwing the thing together. Never made a bit of sense to me nor did it help, but some folks claim it works. This device was never that air tight and beside, if you close the air off you would actually create pressure rather than alleviating it, right? This isn’t exactly a Kayfun or Orchid.

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Nope, the reason I asked is because I have experienced juice in the air holes myself, but, not throughout the entire tank. Even the brand new triton is getting complaints of leakage through the air holes. This problem differs from what you experienced. What is happening is when the juice gets low, then it starts leaking. Once the juice level gets to the holes in the coil for juice flow then air is introduced and the pressure in the tank drops. Then, juice leaks. Fix, easy, keep the juice above the holes. Anyway, that is why I asked…

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I see, and that makes some sense but sounds like not enough wick used.

No on mine it would leak out from the time of fill up all the way through to an empty tank. The worst ones were unvapable as you’d be mopping up juice rather than vaping. Thanks for the input though, I hope the Triton fans read that.


Never had this problem and I’ve drilled out the air holes on the base as well as the positive pins on the coil heads. Made a little bit of a difference for the better.

Never done that, although neither of these location are inside the tank where liquid is so it reasons that would not cause leaking. As the sloth who made the video said, it may be some shorter threads on some of the atty heads that caused the problem. When I first got these tanks last year I didn’t have any leaking whatsoever and that was in 5 minis and a 5ml one, probably 30 atty heads too. Then I started getting leaking. I’ll admit I put my Nautilus tanks away for a while but for an easy mouth to lung vape, they’re too good to give up on. This fix worked for me.

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