Aspire Nautilus X coils

Hi. :slight_smile:

I just started using Nautilus X tanks and I see that
Aspire recommends 12-16W for the 1.8Ω coils and 14-20W for the 1.5Ω coils.

I am wondering: are the coils made to perform better somehow at these wattages? Will there be a problem if I run the 1.8s at 11W?

I am aware of the subjective aspect (pbusardo: Whatever works to keep you off the real deal is the best juice/device out there!) but I am curious about these Aspire wattage ranges …




On the 1.8 coils I wasn’t able to get near the recommended wattage. Always got burnt hits at that range. With the 1.5 coils I could push to 14 watts. I found my sweet spot around 11.5 watts with the 1.5 coil.

Breaking them in I would always start around 6 watts and bump up 1-2 watts from there. If I got a burnt taste I would back off and vape from there.


Going lower should be no problem. It’s just a recommendation…

I prefer the 1.8s - the two 1.5s I tried didn’t vape as well as the 1.8 ones… I vape mine at 14w :slight_smile: