Aspire Proteus

Hi! For now I’m wrighting shortly of my new device Aspire Proteus(use whit waterpipe/hookah/shisha as you want to name it).
First impression, it is fun device whit giving you smooth and rich clouds, very easy to use(though it came today so not that much experience) and cheap whit price of Gear Best 35e.
Coils length is 4cm so it’s guite big one.
Seller told that it does last long but have to be careful whit dry hits.
I didn’t want to wait it coming from China, so I made my purchase from online shop from Germany(in English too ) and there it cost 44.95e.(coils 2.95e. whic is really nice price for them ).
At home, I’m going to use Proteus only but naturally don’t get it along less than weekend trip.
It would be nice to hear someone else comments, though it’s quite rear yet but hookah’s are coming whit all that culture and whit popularity of them you are going to see more Aspire Proteus and another device use whit hookah, Square Head Bowl.
Back to the Proteus having more experience!