Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit Review

Greetings everybody, I have complied a general review of this little gem. As a disclaimer, I did win this item from @Heaven_Gifts Aspire does have a special place in my heart dating back to my first atty, Naulius Mini (still sits in my vape drawer)…So am I a fan boy of Aspire products.

Please note I am not owned by anyone and will NOT allow my views to be swayed by getting something for free. I do feel obligated to post a review, but I also see how many contests HeavenGifts does on ELR…for which they are not obligated to do.

This review will be a little bit of a rambling of thoughts since I am not a pro-reviewer. There may be a few of grammer errors…sorry, my grammer is horrible. I will provide my likes and dislikes as well as would I personally buy the device.

I’m not going to list all of the features of this device. Please visit for the full listing since I would like to keep this short form.


  1. Everything comes in the standard shiny polished metal Aspire is known for.

  2. I love that you have options. You can use the device any way you want. Even better, when you are ready to go from prebuilt coil heads to building your own you already have an rdta and rda…yet if your first building experience isn’t going well you still have an atty you can go back to for a prebuilt coil heads.

  3. Number “2“ is the most important. Sure the price tag is around $50. However you get three atty’s in one box along with a squonk pin. You get to eventually find out if you like using an rda or genesis styled rdta. That way in the future, when ready to setup to the higher priced market for genesis rdta’s you will already know if you like them for example. And if you know already you don’t like them you wont have to waste your money like I did in the past.

  4. I like how the rda doesn’t get super hot. Some of my other high priced rda’s get hot or alot hot and cannot always vape the rda dry. In this case the rda has been able to properly maintain its barrel temperate and is not transferring the heat to the driptip which is very nice.

  5. I like the assembly of the genesis rdta. You don’t have to unscrew the 510 pin releasing the post and potentially messing up your build. This also allows for a quicker transition from rdta to rda which is nice. This also allows for quicker rewicking sessions and cleaning out old juice as compared to my other genesis rdta.


  1. I love the appearance, but no one is willing to claim that the metal is stainless steel 316, 304, or what clearly. This bugs me and a company should be proud to claim their materials.

  2. The Quad Flex should be called the Quad “machine oil” Flex. This is the first time I have seen machine oil on an atty. I know you should wash any new atty to remove any tiny pieces of metal shavings or hidden oil. However, the posts and threads were covered in machine oil. Maybe it is a one off since a very popular youtube reviewer said his came in flawlessly clean. However, there were 4 noticeable chunks of machine oil the size of 1/2 of a grain of rice.

  3. The fill ports require a needle nose bottle to fill while in rdta mode. Sure you can push the cotton aside, but think this is an opportunity for Aspire to fix in the future. I really dislike the the pictures from the Aspire website showing to fill with a glass dropper you can remove the base…however, I see a high risk of dumping a bunch of juice all of the mod doing it that way.

  4. I wish the wide bore drip tip was just a little bit taller. I find my self thinking more about where I put my lips.

  5. I wish the juice well was little bit deeper while in rda mode.

  6. On the top airflow barrel is hard to grip to change the airflow and needs some type of knurling grip.

Would I recommend to others?
Yes I would. For those getting into vaping or thinking about stepping up into building but not sure what to get. I wish I had this option when I purchased my first setup. I would have found out much much sooner that I love rda’s. For approximately $50 US for one package containing three attys ($16/item) is a price point that can’t be beat.

Would I recommend for someone already building? Thats a tough sell. If you already know what you like this may not be as enticing because you can’t make everyone happy. At least one of the three setups is one that the experienced user may never ever use.

Will this product be in my rotation. Yes! The rda setup will be in my rotation. I am really liking my setup with a ss316 fused clapton, single coil, 6 wrap, 0.35ohm. The flavor is spot on. The airflow is just right…actually better than one of my other high priced rda’s.

Would I recommend ordering from if you are worried about shipping from China? Yes at this point, see the pictures below. I have seen of other ELR members reviews on shipping talking about how fast it has been.

A Quick Look Inside the packaging.

See the Red Arrow…See how everything screws together.

Shipping from HeavenGifts


Nice write up and review @Chrispdx :+1:


So, not married yet then… :laughing:


Nice detailed review and very helpful, cheers!

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Yup that as well.

That thing is so cool but I cant even tie my shoes right some mornings, that thing would drive me batshi% crazy.

I look at as a progression. If you think you may want to start building in the future but not yet I think it’s good.

But yeah, if you got all the parts spread out its a lot. :upside_down_face:

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Nice review. Thanks!

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Nice job on the write-up!

Thanks for the positive feedback everybody. Much appreciated. I’m not much of a “reviewer” and “typer” if the english language. Put me in a room full of people and I can talk for days. Ask me to type out a speech or training. Hmm yeah no.