Aspire Zero G RBA

Hello everybody

Just bought zero g and i love it so far. I used coils that came with, and i love it. Now i started playing with RBA, first 3-4 builds i made were not so good, first one i got burning taste same with second (a few good drags, thand burned or liquid didnt taste as it should, didnt get full taste). The third one for a few drags i got better taste but than it startet tasting weird, like sour or something, cant describe it. With the forth its better but stil get weird sour taste too often. Do you guys have any ides what am i doing wrong.

I trider two wires A1 - 28ga ( around 6-7 wraps) and 316 - 28ga ( around 8-9 wraps) and experimented with cotton. The second one is the best up till now but too hot, vaping at around 15w. 50/50 liquid with salt nic.

Plus vape is a little too hot for me. I would prefer colder vape, and put preferecne on taste not clouds. Would like to get as close as possible to disposable vapes (if possible)

Do you have any ides what am i doing wrong and/or in what direction should i go to achive this. Different sizes/tipe of wire, how many wraps…

Thank you for your answer in advance.


Start by downloading a free coil calculator.
It will tell you the ohms of the coil and by that you can set your wattage to the ohms you use. Normally the higher the ohms the less watts needed. Sounds like your running too hot for the coil used.


I tried with this


If you inputted the numbers 21 watts may be too high. Try starting around 15 watts vape a little while then go and see if you cotton is keeping up with wicking up your juice. Feel the heat. If too hot lower the wattage if not enough vaper give the wattage a small bump up. It’s a balance between the cotton wicking and what’s needed to fire the coil to produce a good vape.
Also make sure your cotton tails are touching the deck or slightly plugging the wells. Cotton inside of coil is tight enough to move back and forth without moving the coil it’s self.