Assistace for a tabacco recipe

A neighbor is looking for a tobacco blend similar to a pallmall light/menthol he is using a 1.8 ohm Nautilus to vape with, could someone point me in the correct direction please? thx

Calling @JimK

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I have friend Looking For about same But she Looking For clone To Crimson Leaf Turkish With cinnamon a lot of friends say it is as close to real as they have had…

@CallMeTut; I never smoked Pall Mall, so I don’t know exactly what they taste like. However, a bit of searching brings up a couple of Pall Mall flavorings.


Inawera and Hangsen make a Pall Mall, but I couldn’t find a good USA vendor right off the bat. Lots of good reviews with the MFS version; He might need to add in a bit of some vendors dirty neutral base for the ash factor…@Pro_Vapes swears by the Inawera DNB at around .5% or so. Also might need a little extra menthol kick from Koolada or an “ice” flavor.

I’ve read where the search for the Pall Mall flavor is like the Holy Grail…folks are still searching for it! :pensive:


This is a safe bet for getting close to the real thing.


Thanks for the assistance, it give me a good starting point…

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After looking at the site it seems those are juices and not concentrates to make your own formula up with, I’ll talk to him some more and try and get an idea of what type of tobacco I should be looking for.

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Thank you for the Reply

Thank You for the Reply