Assistance with variance grape soda

I have been vaping 4 months now and have been making my own ejuice for the last month or so. One of my favorites is grape soda from Variance… Anyone have any idea of how I could DIY this juice as it is pretty expensive at the shops lol… Any assistance is greatly appreciated! HAPPY NEW YEARS!

I just started mixing with Grape. I don’t know why I waited. I have never tried this juice you are asking about though. So I can’t help ya much other than to say Capella’s Concord Grape with Stevia with Inawera Grape is very good. You could try mixing those with Flavor West’s Cream Soda and see where that goes.

I really like Inawera’s Sparkling Wine. It tastes kinda like sparkling grape juice to me. I think any kind of sparkling wine or champagne type flavor would work pretty well as your soda base for a grape soda. Go with what LV said for the grape…I have very little experience on that one. I have TPA’s grape juice and it’s okay, I guess. That’s about it. LoL.

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Grape is my son’s favorite. So, I have made a couple of different ones for him. He likes this one best
and it may inspire you I hope:

DaMomma’s Grapple Chill

5% Champagne (TPA)
1.5% Fuji Apple (FA)
6% Grape (FW)
7.5% Grape Soda (FW)
1% Koolada 10% (TPA)

Flavor total: 21%
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Have you tried any lemon in that? My Welch’s Revenge uses Lemon as the sour note. I might have to try some Fuji in it too!

Definitely making that one. But I might have to adapt it a bit.

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Oh Yeah! Grape

Ingredient %
Concord Grape (Stevia) (CAP) 5
Grape (INAWERA) 2
Juicy Lemon (CAP) 1.5
Malic Acid 10% solution 0.25
Marshmallow (TPA) 2

Flavor total: 10.75%

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Sounds like a great recipe! I’ll have to try that one. I was asking about this particular one cause I have been using champaign flavoring but I think the brand “Variance” is using the term soda incorrectly… I think I’m going to try a grape hard candy flavoring and drop the champagne altogether cause I’m pretty sure it makes a good “real” grape soda as I’ve made a lot of variations thus far with no success to what the Variance grape soda tastes like… With champaign it tastes more like Welches or something close… Still tasty lol…

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Haven not, but I will try that next time! :slightly_smiling:

Ok. had to put that Grape (INAWERA) on my wish list!

Yeah I’m going to have to try the recipes you all posted as they sound like they would be pretty tasty… I am not sure how popular the company Variance is, as there are countless ejuice making companies but I figured out was worth a shot lol. Hard to know what could be in done of these juices :smile:

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@BWide13, hey, I was told by @Lostmarbles that "The Tuscan Garden is just horrible unless you like the taste of flat grape soda"

So maybe if you add the tuscan garden and the sparkling wine as @JoJo suggested you’ll get closer to the grape soda you’re looking for?. Just a thought as I’ve not tasted the tuscan garden yet to give my opinion

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If anyone can make this work, I’ll try it.

I had to change the names of my recipes because of a stupid thief in my area selling my recipes. But anyway, That Oh Yeah! Grape recipe I posted above would be extremely close to Grape Soda if you could get the bubbly into it. I have TFA Champagne. I will try to use it in the recipe and see what I get.

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Try mixing the FW Grape Soda at about a 25%. I think that’s dead on.