Atlantis Ti on DNA 200 devices

Hey ELR! Long time lurker here and I must say great amount of information from great people.
I was inspired by Provapes and SthrnMixer’s reviews on the DNA 200 devices and Ti TC.
I caught the shinitis and for Black Friday purchased a Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 with TFV4 RBA2 and an HCigar VT200 DNA 200 with TFV4 Mini RBA2 and some 22g Ti wire from Unkamen Supplies.
I have successfully setup the wismec with ease on the Ti profile for the dual 22g 3 ID 5 wraps ohming at .07 cold and .10 under load on the TVF4
I created the exact same build on the TFV4 mini with sucess on the VT200. Great vape at 75 watts 400F with i think 80wt preheat.

What I can figure out is how to run the .3 ohm Ti coils from the Morpheus V2 in the Atlantis V1 in TC. With the same Ti profile from Steam engine wire wizard, i get sad face vapor from these coils on TC on both devices at 400-530F at 45 watts. I even rebuilt the Atlantis Nickel VS coils i had laying around with the Unkamen Ti to about .12, but same results. Just like a spitting coil with weak clouds and very little vapor. Any ideas?
I did some research the past week.
Set the VT200 mod resistance to .0045,.003, currently at .01, pulled the ecig profile from the VT200 group on FB.
VT200 still hits Temp Protection immediately when setting 30-45 watts 400-530F with the altantis Ti coils. Turned down the preheat.
No change. Sanded the press fit 510 pin on the atlantis to ensure better contact for TC.
I have been tinkering with this sh… for 2 weeks.
Thankfully i can run the TFV4 Mini without issues on the VT200, so not a total loss.
No leaks, if the oring on the coil breaks, use teflon tape on the threads. Great seal!

Loving the dual Ti build on the TFV4(thank you for the perfect vape Provapes) , no comparison to the kanthal clapton CLP2, hands down better on Ti.

Sorry for the long post. I love the community here. Thank you in advance.

TL, DR: What DNA 200 settings for Atlantis Ti coils from Morpheus V2 and rebuild Ti?


Oh and here’s some pics

I’m not not familiar with Morph or Atlantis. I think its a wicking problem causing TC to kick in so fast. Slow juice flow will make TC kick in early.

Ok, finally after 2 weeks of tinkering with settings, I got it to work tonight (Hawaiian Standard Time).
For reference, in the future, to anyone else looking:

Aspire Atlantis with Morpheus V2 Ti .3 ohm coils from ebay.
Preheat: 65watts
Punch 5
I also run an Anyvape FuryTank with these coils as well with better results, with the same settings above, maybe due to the copper 510 press fit pin.

All in all, it may take some additional time invested into setting up the individual tank settings but, man is it worth it.
I hope others find these settings as a starting point.

Thank you Pro_Vapes!