Attaching wires to device

How do people connect these coils into their devices? I would think after all that wrapping I see with a lot of these builds the wire thickness would be too thick to either stick into the hole or wrap around the post screw of devices.

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some post holes are already big and you can always drill them out…

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Spot on.

A few that have larger post holes that I know of are the MUTATION X series, STILLARE, EL CABRON, TWISTED MESSES RDA.

There are probably more though, but most if not all can be made larger with drills or files.


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Mephisto, Mephisto V2, Baal, Alliance, Twisted Messes ect. Also depends on your wire size. Something like a CLT V1 will still take 24ga coils. Heck, you can wrap 26ga on an Igo L.

Twisted Messes RDA has 3mm post holes. You can fit a LOT of wire inside!

the dark horse is huge also

If all else fails, wrap the wire the screws and clamp them down.