Attempt at an original recipe

I was feeling creative and just mixed up this recipe this is only the second time i have created my own so I just finished mixing it up hope it don’t taste like shit! I’m totally open for suggestions.

Steveo’s Tropic Drinks From

Not sure you need both smooth and mts - unless you have a reason for both?

Edit: the % on both may also be a little high (YMMV)


Yeah I hear you I thought it would give it a rich full vape with a lot of mouth feel
but now that you mention it I probably could have not used both

which of the 2 if any would you have used ?

I only have mts and rarely use it (i use stevia for the same thing) but i would look at the % as well with mts you only really need 1 or 2 drops per 15 ml

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got it I’m gonna kill the smooth and go down to 4 drops of MTS for 30 ml (?)

Personally I would drop the mts out of the mix as a first mix - see how you go without and if you find it harsh add it in after a steep. You may find you dont need it at all.


I just finished mixing it but I will drop for for the second batch

You could do one with one without so you can see the difference it brings to the mix :grinning:


OK… I dropped both MTS and the smooth great input
I thank you Wof


now that’s fixed what about the rest of the recipe? Dropped a little and it tasted like there may be something vape able

Your % look ok to me. Now time to play wait and see :grinning:

@Steve-o_54 - it looks good to me. All your percentages look to be right where they should be. For a tropical drink ya might try throwing a rum and or coconut flavor in there. But even as is I bet it turns out great. Nice job!

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Hey Lord
Yeah… thought about Jamaican Rum will add to the recipe for the next batch

thanks !yeah now come the hard part the wait !

TPA Papaya also has high percentage of triacetin, so you actually had 3 “smooths” in your mix :dash: :dash: :dash:

With you dropping the mts and smooth it looks good! I haven’t used mts, but I have smooth and it does have it’s place but I almost never use it in a first version of a mix. Let us know how it it turns out!

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