Attn all american vapers! (flavor ban survey!)

If you are an american vaper please do your part and take this survey (located at this link below) to save flavors in E-juice! If we dont act and do this survey, there may very well be no such thing as any flavored e-juice in the near future. Take 15 mins out of your day to help save flavorings FOREVER please. 30,000 surveys need to be submitted and we are 10,000 short, let’s be vigilant!

You’ve probably heard about the new survey of American vapers being conducted by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos and his colleague Dr. Konstantinos Poulas. Why is it important that every vaper take 20 minutes to do this survey?
Last month the FDA issued an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM), asking for public comments and scientific evidence on the role of flavors in vapor products. The period to comment and submit other evidence ends June 19, 2018.
In the coming weeks, it’s important for American vapers to engage the FDA in every way possible to tell our stories. CASAA and vape trade associations will publish advice on how to best address the questions the FDA has asked, and every vaper who cares about continuing to have access to these products must take the time to comment.
But first we need to participate in this flavors survey. It’s up to vapers to help Drs. Farsalinos and Poulas collect quality data that can inform the FDA about patterns of e-cigarette use, and the importance of flavors to vapers, including how they’ve affected smoking and smoking cessation.
“Flavors in e-cigarettes have been a matter of intense and controversial debate,” Dr. Farsalinos told Vaping360. “The balance between appeal to non-smokers (adults and youth) and satisfaction for smokers who use e-cigarettes to reduce or quit smoking needs to be determined.
“In that aspect, and considering the FDA advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM), we have just launched a survey trying to understand the patterns of flavors use by adult U.S. vapers. We plan to submit the data to the FDA, which is exactly what the FDA requests through the ANPRM.
“We hope this will be the largest ever survey assessing the patterns of e-cigarette flavors use in the U.S. population. Therefore, we invite all U.S. vapers to participate, responding honestly to the survey questionnaire and presenting their personal experience.”
Every vaper should take the survey, and spread the word. The link to access it by computer is above, but you can also complete the survey on a smartphone by texting CASAA FLAVORS to 52886.
The survey is anonymous, and will only accept one submission from each American IP address. So two vapers will not be able to take the survey from the same computer or on the same wifi router. Also be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of each page before clicking “next page.”


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