Au Vapemageddon (Maybe)

To all the aussies here

Last month the TGA decided to keep the status quo as far as nicotine imports and availabilty in place. This month (22nd) they will decide if they will allow it or ban it totally. If they ban it totally it will mean that nic may become a banned import even for personal use. I would strongly suggest that you stock your nic JIC it happens.

If you buy from HIliq and select fedex it should get here before the deadline if you order it in the next couple of days.

if you have an Au address you can use the coupon code HiLIQAussie for 15% . I hope it doesnt happen but if it does there is not much time to prepare doomsday prep yourself just in case.

Cheers guys


Not quite true in all states of Au

It depends on state law as to whether you can possess and use nic juice - where i am it is legal but illegal to sell to others.

Right now it is legal (where I am) to import nic for personal use and possess nic juice with a prescription (which I have). If they ban it totally it means that will not be the case and prescription or not I wouldnt be able to get it.

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I got that through in an email yesterday. I didn’t read it in depth to be honest, I’ve been keeping busy harassing our TD’s about the TPD. I just thought I would share the article as it seemed relevant.


We are all so, so sorry to hear our Oz vape brothers and sisters are facing this outrageous ruling! We just hope they don’t go through with the import ban.


You need a prescription to possess Nic juice?

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Yes to have it legally you need a script - but many don’t bother - it is not enforced by any of the authorities that i know of except in Queensland.

I just went to the dr and asked for one just in case i had some nic held up in customs one day. Mind you you can buy a packet of deathsticks without one and you can by all the pharma junk without one too. I am so sick of government asshattery


Wow that SUCKS :rage:


They will burn in hell dude…Their reckoning awaits them…


They’ll burn in hell because the Chinese will bomb them, do you think they will let go of all of that revenue from ecigs? Ha - no way.

Congratulations to the TGA you fucktards.