Audio Fog - Max VG E-Juice Review by eStorm

Disclaimer: These E-Liquids were send to me by a US Vendor, in cooperation with Heaven Gifts, for the purpose of a review. This will not cloud my judgment or leads to a good or bad review. All of the upcoming statements are my own personal opinion, just because I say it’s good or bad doesn’t make it valid. Please research the products listed, if you plan on making any kind of purchase. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Description: I’ll start this review a bit differently, since giving a opinion about e-juices is pretty much subjective. I want to base my opinion on 5 specific aspects; (1) Appearance of the label, (2) how accurate is the labeling, as well as the flavor description (web page/manufacturer), (3) Nicotine Strength option (4) Shipping speed and customer service (if applicable), (5) Enjoyment, Taste and Flavor Profile(subjective). If you would like to skip the introductory part and are only interested in the flavor profile and taste, please feel free to scroll down to the picture and continue there.


Audio Fog by Rocky Top Vapor, is a max VG e-juice line, that offers a unique array of flavor profiles, not widely common in today’s e-liquid market. This juice line is focused around the good ol’ sweets, you could find way back in the day as a kid and grew up on. It’s not your commonly known “in your face” juice that are widely available at every corner.

Audio Fog does a pretty good job in delivering satisfying flavor throughout their line. Any of these juices are true to the actual label (on the bottle not web page) and visibly marked with the VG/PG ratio. All bottles contain the nicotine warning sticker and the overall label is pleasantly modern. There’s no child appealing font, picture, logo, color or candy like artistry present. Maybe a bit on the monotone side but that’s not always a bad thing.

Max VG is a word for a whole category, that can vary in VG/PG ratio’s. Anything 80VG/PG20 all the way up to 90VG/PG10 can be described as such. However mostly within a companies line the ratio is consistent, or at least the label is consistent. Not Audio Fog tho, some label state 80/20 and 81/19 but others state 79/21 and so on.

Now we could look at this from two perspectives, either the company is very transparent and honest or just didn’t keep the consistencies a priority. Which leads to my next question, if consistency is not a priority, next time purchasing one of these might result in a different ratio, perhaps? This is definitely something worth mentioning and while it might not matter to most of you, there’s still people out there including myself, that do have a PG sensitivity and 1-3% more or less PG can make a difference.

One thing I did not appreciate was the born date on my bottles. Some are born 3 months ago, others last year and so on. At least all of them are fully steeped I guess.

I also couldn’t find much about this company, besides that they are US based and sold on different online platforms. I could also not find an actual company homepage that sells only Audio Fog and nothing else, but most sellers of the audio fog line are stores that sell all kind of e-liquids and/or hardware (Wholesaler/Distributor). Regarding this aspect, it’s a minus in my books, because I would like to know what I am vaping and where the company comes from. As well as maybe the history of the company and information about them maybe supporting or being active inside the vaping community and/or advocacy.

Finally after covering all this and maybe giving a bit of input here, let’s look into the actual e-liquids. (All of these liquids were tested on different setups from sub ohm tanks, RTA, RDA and then all results were documented and put into this review.)

Product Name: Red Label Reverb (extra Strawberry Chew), Accuracy : 8/10

Flavor Note: This is not one of these typical strawberry creams, gummies or starbursts. Remember me saying that this e-juice line focuses on closing the gap between old-school and realistic flavors, combined with childhood memories? Well here you go, if you ever tried a real strawberry chew (many brands produce them, but the most known is Hi-Chew) that’s what it taste like and even more surprisingly the texture of the whole juice was spot on.

Inhale: mellow lightly sweet candy strawberry with a tiny citrus note. It’s not offensive or as pungent as other flavors and even non citrus lovers might not mind. It’s very well balanced between fruits and cream.

Throughout:There is a creaminess to the overall profile but it reminds more of a mild and subtle cream, imitating the chewiness of the actual candy. The strawberry melts into the smooth velvety but slight sticky texture and archives a light tartness in the back of your throat.

Exhale: It seems to be reversed here, I know it sounds crazy but you’ll notice a gum note, then the tartness I were talking about earlier, followed by cream, and finished with a now more prominent and more realistic strawberry actually. Citrus is not detectable anymore.

Overall this juice was a real surprise and true to the label, but this is the boosted/extra strawberry version of this juice, and I was hoping for a bit more bursting strawberry in this case. There’s a regular version available called: Reverb. I didn’t try this one to see if there’s actual differences between the red label and the regular/original blue reverb.

Red Label Reverb is currently available in nicotine strength of 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg and 6mg. (79VG/PG21)

Product Name: Wavelength (Blue Slushie)
Accuracy: 8/10 if based on blue shlushie. 1/10 if based on tropical slushie, besides the lemon I don’t get anything else here, that could indicate this being tropical. In fact it would be very misleading to be quite honest.

Beware: First I was a bit thrown off, having read the description most sellers post, it states tropical slushie with lots of lemon lime and coconut. Turns out this product was renamed to or from { Ocean Water - Blue Slushie } but not every bottle have been relabeled? Or perhaps it’s the new formula but I received the old one? My bottle was born 12/27/2017 after all but I don’t know, therefore I went by Blue Slushie (printed on the bottle’s label) rather than tropical slushie. I am also not sure if some vendors might still sell the older/newer bottled juices, that could very well be tropical slushie. Lets point out consistency here one more time, am I right? lol

Flavor Note: I have to admit, this blue slushie was not easy for me to test. It seems to be a east coast thing and me never having visited that side of the coast, all I can compare it too is either a Slurpee or homemade slushie.

Inhale: Sweet but tangy blue raspberry, followed by a lemonade that tastes like homemade. It is on the sour side but because the sweetness of the blue raspberry does balance that out a bit, it is not as sour as it could be, or would be without the extra fruit note.

Throughout: I mostly taste lemonade here, now the sourness did increase a bit and so did the texture. Surprisingly this juice imitates the “icy” part of a real slushie without having any cooling additive added (Koolada, Menthol, WS23 etc) It’s very juicy, refreshing and tangy to the same time.

Exhale: Unfortunately all I can taste here is once again the lemonade and even tho this juice does contain a sweetener of some kind, it’s not enough to mask out the slight bitterness I am getting right after exhale and on the aftertaste.

Overall this is another of these more realistic juices, it has the icy texture, the sweet tangy fruit, and ends with a sour slightly bitter lemonade. However this flavor profile is also a bit more prominent and with the lemonade being the dominant part here, I did have difficulties vaping more than one tank at a time. But if you enjoy and love very flavorful citrus based juices, then you might want to give this a try.

Wavelength is currently available in nicotine strength of 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg and 6mg. (80VG/PG20)

Product Name: Ambient (Mango – Melon), Accuracy: 3/10

Flavor Note: Mango - Melon, could mean a lot of things. From juice, smoothie, candy all the way to actual real fruit. Imagination is your friend here, because unfortunately that’s all you get plus a back note you’ve not asked for, or was not described/indicated.

Inhale: very light and faint citrus note of some kind, it’s not distinctively mango, followed right up with watermelon. It’s overly sweet, nearly unbearable.

Throughout: Watermelon, nothing else. Citrus note or the mango that should have been here is not there anymore, there’s also not a layering of melons going on here, it’s plain out candy watermelon. However that’s even barely detectable after a couple of puffs because that sweetener is just mellowing out the juice, overlapping with the actual flavor profile.

Exhale: Here comes the surprise you did not ask for or wouldn’t have assume of happening. Extremely sweet watermelon, that then turns very sour.

Overall, I was not impressed by this flavor, in fact I was quite disappointed. After getting this weird sourness on the exhale, that lingered around for a bit and turned my next inhale right into sour, before the sweetness kicked in, made me believe that they maybe tried to mimic a sour worm or some kind of sour gummy candy. But then why was this not described or indicated on the bottle label? Not everybody loves sour and especially if it’s that prominent.

I was waiting for the gummy texture or anything to come through, if the plan was to make a sour worm, but nothing besides overly sweet drenched out overall flavor profile, that’s very linear and then followed up with overbearing sourness. As well as it being quite “watery/thin”, not much body/mouthfeel.
By now im certain this juice contains higher amounts of malic acid and normally being used to “pop” a flavor or reduce sweetness. Somehow this is not boosting anything here and just taking away from the enjoyment this juice could have brought to the table, if someone would have taken the time to balance it correctly. I do however give it 3 points for the melon that’s accurately labeled on the sticker, flavor strength and quality.

Ambient is currently available in nicotine strength of 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg and 6mg. (80VG/PG20)

Product Name: Flux (Cereal Milk), Accuracy: 3/10

Flavor Note: Flux is advertised as being trix cereal and if I would have gone by that, I probably be disappointed. The label just says cereal milk, and that could mean lots of things. Focusing on the label, I would say it’s somewhat accurate but not really. It’s good quality but not cereal milk.

Inhale: Extreme sweetness. There’s nothing else sadly.

Throughout: slight and faint dairy note, with a subtle creaminess, followed by a grainy texture that is reminiscence of oats.

Exhale: All the sudden I get rice krispies, followed by a dry note that’s a bit more prominent now, and overly sweet.

I gave it 3 points because of the quality to be honest, this juice is not watery or thin and it does have a medium body to it. However, it’s another one of these flavors that could have benefited from less sweetener and maybe a bit more dairy nuances. Unfortunately the sweetness of this juice overlaps with the overall flavor profile, disturbing it’s actual beautiful nuances. We could argue, that cereal milk can be a lot of things, but I do get rice krispy treats here with a subtle dairy note and dryness. The layers are clearly noticeable and do not come together as one.

Flux is currently available in nicotine strength of 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg and 6mg. (81VG/PG19)

If you’re interested in one or some of Audio Fog’s max vg e-liquids, then head over to Heaven Gifts or click here. Use code AHG15 and get a 15% discount. These e-juices are only available in the US and can’t be shipped internationally. After placing your order, these will be dispatched from a US vendor directly (free shipping) and should arrive much quicker .


I’m not buying commercial juice, but it was an interesting read. Thanks for taking the time to review this.
I really appreciate their labels, finally a company that takes things serious. If all companies would’ve done this from the start, there wouldn’t be any flavor bans anywhere right now.

Wow… this is actually something I would prefer to know. I was always annoyed not knowing how long a juice had been steeping. But hey, different folks, different strokes (or something like that) :slight_smile:
I can understand you might want a bit fresher juice than a year old thing, but it’s only thanks to the bod that you know.


Thank you for the response, and wow I see how that could be read as this lol. I do appreciate the date on my bottles, but if we look at the price of these bottles, you should assume they are not 3-8 months old etc. Especially since some vendor juices only last a year, also if I would know the reformulation of the blue/tropical slushy here, like if it’s current or not, it would have been much easier for me, that’s what I meant. I can live with the 3 month old, even with the one from last year, but unfortunately i felt it was worth mentioning. Some people might not care as much as I do, others love the fact that these are well steeped etc :slight_smile:

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OK, that clears it up :smiley:

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