Augvape DRUGA RDA...Don't miss this one!

I read somewhere in youtube comments that Druga was translated as “the beginning to everything”. Don’t quote me, I forgot what language it was translated from, and the source…umm yea. I like to think it fits this RDA though. The Augvape Druga was a collaboration of “Indonesian’s Pride Coil Builder Mike” @vapehouse and @Augvapeofficial. This is the first RDA that Mike has designed as well as the first RDA that Augvape has manufactured. I have to say… they nailed it. I also saw online where some people were pissed about the name “Druga” and how it’s associated with actual drugs or some crap. I’m from the south…first thing I thought when I saw the name was a new Redneck word of the day; Druga - “Earlier I druga 14 point buck through my yard with a 4-wheeler”. But I didn’t really think it was pronounced like that lol. Not ‘drug-ah’…Probably more like ‘dru-ga’. I tend to roll my tounge on the R like Dracula when I say it but that’s just me. I can’t wait to dive into this review!

What we have here is a 24mm RDA made from 304 stainless steel with 24K gold plating on the deck. Ignore the low price tag… Augvape hooked this thing up. There’s 3 options for drip tips, and they’re Goon styled and sized (810 if your buying custom tips). Installed from the factory you get the shorty ultem tip, which I wasn’t too fond of at first but it grows on you! I barely put my lips to it and let air come in through the sides of my mouth, crank up the watts, open the airflow all the way and blow as big of a cloud as I want. I love how it has the name etched in the side of the ultem. Talk about attention to detail! It stays amazingly cool as well. This is my first time using ultem and it should be included with all atomizers. Second is the delrin tip. It’s a damn nice one too with thick walls and a silky finish. The third option is the drip tip adapter, allowing you to use whatever goofy tip you want to use.

The 510 posi-pin is gold plated brass for excellent conductivity. It doesn’t protrude out very far so be careful using this on a hybrid mech. Augvape also included a squonk pin and I’m betting that this RDA is perfect for that. 20mm diameter deck…a huge open floor plan…what else do you need? I’m on the hunt for a squonk mod now just so I can use this RDA with it. The threads are smooth when you screw it to a mod and it sits flush on everything I own. The barrell section fits snug but you dont have to grit your teeth trying to pull it off. On the other hand, it’s tight enough that I can pick up a dual 18650 mod only holding the barrel section. The o-rings on the top cap/ airflow adjustment are just the right size. It turns so easily, almost like its inside of a track, yet it stays in place so well. The fit and finish is outstanding all around.

I haven’t messed around with this type of build deck before. It reminds me of the Skill and Skywalker RDAs but instead of running a grub screw down between a split post the Druga has a knurled cap that you screw down over a split post. They call it CSS or "Clamp Snag System. You can do most of the work by hand, but when tightening down onto wire leads you must use something close to a 3mm flathead screwdriver (the one you get in the Coilmaster build kit works). At first I thought it was made for a phillips head driver but it isn’t tapered down towards the center as it should be. If you try to use a phillips on this you can kiss your post caps goodbye…and my first con is that you dont get any extras of those. I think at least one spare would have been a good idea.

This is a builders dripper. Designed by a builder…for builders. Sure, you can install small, round wire coils into it no problem…but it shines the most with metal monsters inside. You don’t have to be any good at building fancy coils either. A quick search online and you can have some awesome coils shipped to your door in no time (please research ohms law, check your batteries limits, and watch youtube tutorials on installing coils if you’re new to building). Installing coils could not be easier. I remove the post caps completely, measure and cut the leads , set both coils inside the slots and then screw the caps back on. Once I get the caps finger tight I break out the flat head and finish it up. After wicking, if you leave an open air channel under your coils, air can travel completely around the coil and bring every wisp of vapor into your mouth…an awesome conical top cap also helps thing’s along. Oh, I can’t leave out the 6mm juice well. It’s not like having a tank or anything but it holds a good amount. I haven’t had it leak on me yet and I over drip all the time. I can get several pulls on this thing after a fresh wetting of the wicks. :triumph:

To sum it all up, the Augvape Druga is a fine piece of work. Everything works flawlessly. The airflow is smooth no matter how it’s adjusted and hardly makes any noise when you hit it. It’s set up for dual coils only as you have no single coil airflow, and that could be a bummer to some people. Another thing you won’t have to worry about is the paint…it’s anodized I believe… and they didn’t cheap out and leave the inside of the cap unfinished. The quality is impressive to say the least…did I mention that already? It quickly became one of my favorites. The innovative deck, the functionality, the flavor production, and the love that went into making the Druga defines this RDA. :100:

Augvape has many other great products that I highly recommend you check out. You don’t have to worry about weeding through fifty things looking for one or two great products. They have a small line-up, but all of the items are great. They could charge way more for their stuff, and that says a lot about the company.
Instagram and Twitter are @Augvapeofficial
Thank you Augvape for making this review happen! :beers:

Thanks for reading! If you’re in the market for a new dripper look no further. It’s not the only great RDA out there but it’s right near the top. For an average price of $35.00 why the hell not.

:v: Until Next Time! :metal:


Dam that’s nice. Great review nice. Very nice

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Lmao hellz yea! This thing is really badass!

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Another great review. Thanks for doing it.

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Here it’s been two weeks and I can’t put this thing down! This thing is shooting for dripper of the year imho


Great review! I just picked up a Druga and found this after I bought it. It was recommended by my local shop. What is the name of those fancy coils up there? I’m just now converting from standard tanks(cleito,arctic) to an rda and those look great! Thanks for the in-depth review, it helped a lot.



Thanks for stopping by! The Druga is one of my favorites and definitely a good buy. Those coils are staggered, stapled fused claptons with a round wire core added in. The gaps in the outside wrap wire is what makes it “staggered”…the “stapled” part lets you know it has ribbon wire on the inside…not the prettiest coils but they worked pretty good! The downside is the power it takes to heat up a pair of these. It eats some batteries up lol


I’ve got this one
Great flavor