Aussie Senate Petition

Hi Aussies,
If you have not yet seen this Petition - Please sign & forward to friends etc to also sign,
Many thanks :slight_smile:

From Legalise Vaping Australia Website:

Legalise Vaping Australia launches online petition to legalise nicotine vaping in Australia!

Posted by Admin Admin 20sc on February 06, 2020

A new year begins and there is no denying that 2020 is the most important time to legalise nicotine vaping and support your local Aussie Vape shops.

Thanks to dodgy news about supposed “vaping deaths” that were due to illegal marijuana vaping products and NOT traditional vapes, we have seen the vaping scene take a massive hit. That’s why we are fighting back!

We have today launched an online petition to legalise nicotine vaping in Australia!

This petition, to be presented to the Senate is the most important step we can take as a community and force lawmakers to hear the collective voice of our 300,000 strong vaping community. It’s our chance to engage with Federal MPs and demand a change to their archaic anti-vaping regulations. It is our chance to take a stand once and for all for the Aussie vape shops who have supported your journey away from smoking.

Our Senate petition will allow vapers and smokers to finally be able to purchase products from Australia which will comply with the consumer protections and standards you deserve.

This petition is the first step in that direction .

To make sure this petition gets the attention it deserves we are aiming to collect THOUSANDS of signatures. We cannot do it alone and we need your help today!

If you want to support the local vaping industry, if you want to help other smokers quit with vaping, and if you want to fight for your right to vape, please sign the petition today, share it with friends and family, and get as many people as possible to get involved!

Filling out this petition only takes a few seconds and will help us campaign for you!

Follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts as we launch into the petition and the next phase of our campaign.

Kind Regards

The Legalise Vaping Australia team.


Sad that there’s only about 11000 signatures, it’s been going a few weeks now too.


I know, it’s disapointing - figured i’d share it here for any lurkers :rofl: who might’ve missed it.

It’s short & sweet which is nice, makes it easy to sign.


Typical Aussies though, “She’ll be right mate” :grin:


Yeah, I used to be like that too!!
But now they’re threatening to enforce the Nic imports - it’s getting ridiculous :crazy_face:


Not an Aussie (though there’s been several instances I wished I was lol), but I wish you the very best in getting them to hear you and doubly so for the message!


I have already. Stocking up on bulk Nic right now