Australian Vaping Advocate - Dr Colin Mendelsohn, announces retirement

Very saddened to hear this news today :cry:

Thankyou Dr Colin for your tireless advocacy work.


His head probably hurts from banging it against the wall. No one in government will listen.


That’s pretty much it & the media defaming him saying he’s with big tobacco etc etc
It’s very sad :cry:


@Sevencasper that is/was a powerful read …

After nearly a decade advocating for vaping as a tobacco harm reduction strategy in Australia, I am stepping away from the field to retire. Witnessing Australia’s descent over these years, from its former status as a global leader in tobacco control to the current slow-moving train wreck, has been profoundly distressing.

Where vaping is seen by other Western democracies as a huge opportunity for public health, successive Australian governments have framed it as a threat. The ensuing prohibitive regulations have neutralized the potential benefits and led to troubling and escalating unintended consequences.


He truly was the voice of reason and his retirement is a great loss to the vapers of Australia.
He’s only human and quite honestly I’m amazed he managed to keep going as long as he did. It must have been completely demoralizing and for such an educated man that must have been more than frustrating.

I certainly wish him every happiness in his retirement.