AUTHENTIC YiHi SX Mini ML Class in Low price?

any body tell me how can i found this mod in any website ?

200 USD alway i can found is an excellent place to search for vape related stuff and you can sort by price.

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Saw it on element vape for $155

Those are some wicked little mods. I have been wanting one for a very long time. Good to see the price is finally starting to go down!

The Yihi SX Mini Q Class is where its at, isn’t it? Isn’t the Q the latest, most innovative Yihi to date?

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I was close to getting one but battery life is terrible without extension tube then its ok but add all that up it gets up there and weight is a lot more than the opus something to kick around in you mind

That is why I haven’t bought one. I can’t see paying $200 for one when almost any DNA device can be had for that. But it is a very nice mod. But even at $150 or so I still am reluctant to pull the trigger.

Thanks you so much