Auto draw sub ohm tanks?

Does anyone know of any auto draw sub tanks set ups? Chatting with my buddy with mobility issues and he’s using pods mainly because of the auto draw feature but he likes the idea of a sub tank. Having limited use of his hands makes button pushing a pain.


It sounds like your talking about MODs not Tanks. A MOD or “the battery part” usually has a button or “fire bar” to apply current to the coil causing it to heat up and vaporize the juice. All of the tanks I’ve used or seen use gravity, capillary action (wicking), and airflow to keep the juice flowing. However, without the battery the tank will just flood, spit juice, and maybe leak.

I can only think of PODs and MOD-PODs that use the suction “thru” the battery and into the tank, or use the vacuum created from suction to activate a pressure switch allowing the current to flow from the batteries. If you’re not familiar with MOD-PODs, they are the current trend at every Vape supply. They are a hybrid of a MOD and a POD, wrapped up in a very function and often efficient package. The good ones will allow for a variety of juice viscosities and Coil resistance’s so the user can Sub-Ohm high VG juice using higher power to heat up lower resistance Coils, i.e. Direct to lung style (DTL), or vape Mouth to lung style (MTL), using lower wattage, higher resistance Coils, and thinner juice (less VG and more PG).

I can recommend the Vopoo NAVI, and the Vopoo Vinci MOD-PODs. Both are great kit with great performance and flavor and both have the option to use a traditional button or the draw pressure switch to activate the circuit. I prefer the form factor of the NAVI and it has the best flavor. Better flavor than most RDA’s!!! (Oh yes I DID say it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

See if your friend can use a MOD with a fire bar as that will open up some choices of pure MODs.

There are also “auto-Squonkers”, but the auto feature applies to the juice feed, I’m not sure if any use draw pressure activation.

I hope this helps and wasn’t just a bunch of stuff you already know. Good luck to your friend, I hope he finds the device he imagines should exists.


No, I don’t but I think its a great idea. I think it would have to be an AIO device, possibly a tube with a built in tank with an automatic draw. I’m diggin the idea.


This “autodraw” function was used for e-pipes.

here is an example



I’m not sure if that is auto draw. I think you push down the button where the bowl is. If it were a real pipe there would be a bowl to put your weed (tobac). Now it’s a battery and a button.

I could be wrong.


Amazon title translated
E-pipe Electric pipe E-pipe vaping without pressing any button

original link as g**gle transe does not workücken-beliebigen/dp/B00CD8AQZ6



Oh, shoot. I must have missed that. Cool.

What language is that video in?


I guess Danish?

A good read but long and German



"Why did the button actually prevail?

1) Because the pull switches (ON / OFF) were / are extremely unreliable and prone to errors.
2) Because you can use the button to simulate exactly this “little steam / a lot of steam”. Watch yourself vaping. If you want it violently, you press on it beforehand so that enough steam is formed. If you want it to be weaker, then you only press it very briefly, but still pull something.
The success of the button was therefore due to the unreliability of the pull switch and the individual possibilities of influencing the amount of steam / temperature.
The controllability of the voltage is only a further increase in this possibility of influence and the fact that it comes a little closer to the behavior of a pyro."


Dude, that joke isn’t even funny!! I don’t get it… :joy: :mask:

That article is fascinating though.