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AV brings back Boba's and Gorilla Juice (2018)


To whomever may be curious, AV has re released these as of Feb 2018.

I dunno how accurate they are but people who have tried them say it’s the real deal.
As much as I hated to spend so much I popped for a couple hundred mls. hoping to meet up with that long lost friend!


Let us know how that Boba’a juice is as far as what it used to be.From what I understand, the whole reason they stopped making Boba was because one of the concentrates they used for that recipe was being supplied to them illegally.


If this is true @Kinnikinnick will be over the moon :full_moon_with_face:
You’re talking about Boba’s Bounty right?


It’s just as I remember it, I have been though 200mls of Bobas and 100 ml of gorrila. And have another 200 ml of each in the mail, I used to go thru a couple hundred a month from 2013 till it disappeared.


I’ve been following the new release of B.B. on a couple of other forums. The last release of the old stuff was spring of ‘15. Not to be a “Debbie Downer”, but I highly doubt this newly released formula is identical to the original. But folks are gonna taste what they wanna taste, so anything remotely close to the original will be accepted.

As for me, I’ll never go back to store bought synth juices… especially since I can make 100ml of NET juice for 65 cents, as opposed to paying $45 for 100ml of VG with some flavoring added. :smirk:

Viva La DIY! :sunglasses:


Test side by side, I had 8 people say it tasted the same, and the gorilla juice is tasty too. I bought it the same day I was notified of it.


Yup, my head say’s that also. For me it’s more about taking a trip down memory lane. :wink: