Avocado 22mm Special Edition

I’ve had this little guy about a week now, and have to say I am immensely pleased. I still have my original Avocado and still use it…and you know, filling wasn’t so easy unless you used a syringe or a needle nosed type bottle. But for all that it was a great rdta.

This new design is quite an improvement, the side fill makes filling so easy now. The posts are a little furthur apart, the wick holes seem a tad larger too. The smaller chamber and the slightly reduced tip all combine to really enhance the flavor…and flavor is where this rdta really shines…especially with dual coil. The side airflow is excellent, I get easy full lung hits or can dial it down to mtl, and the side airflow slots seem at just the right height for the coils. I’m using simple clapton wire, 2.5mm diam, 5 wraps and this ohms out from .37-.4 ohms, I run the wattage around 65-70 watts and get VERY good flavor. VERY GOOD. Cloudage is also quite respectable, and to tell the truth I favor 60/40 or 50/50 DIY juice with this atty. Especially 50/50 juices, there is just that satisfying snap/crackle and the wicking is so good with the claptons at 65watts. There are so many pros to this atty. The top cap does not get hot. The frosted glass looks really nice. The overall look is really pleasing, especially the red version that I have. I wish they would come out with a stainless version, I am really partial to the original versions look. But this thing looks good on any mod I use it on, but it would look pretty dwarfed on a large brick like the Releaux 300.

The only con I can see are the o-rings. A little too thick. Even very well lubed, you have to really work to remove the cap, and placing it back on, while not impossible, is irritating. I solved that pretty easily by using the o-rings from the original Avocado…now the cap comes on and off with ease and its a pure joy to use. Just find o-rings of similar diameter or slightly smaller from another atty and swap them out. Geek Vape needs to fix that issue. So don’t let the o-ring issue turn you away from this most excellent rdta. This little gem I’ve been using non-stop both home and at work, couldn’t be more pleased. Perfect atty to vape your diy masterpieces!