Avocado - My new favorite RTA!

I love it! I’ve got the 22 mm version. It’s the type tank that has the tank under the coil. The flavor is the most of all my tanks. It was easy to build, and I got it right the very first time.
I’m so surprised, even full, you can turn it upside down and it never leaks. I used Cotton Bacon and a 3.0 mm 26g Ti 10 wraps for a .23 ohm coil and I’m running it at 40 watts power mode.
I’m vaping Hazel Milk with Brandy in it, and I can’t put it down. I’ve gone through 3 tanks in a row.
I just saw a video about a 24 mm version that has a flip fill switch, but the 22 mm version that I have doesn’t have that, and it’s okay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5PeI2iT-4c&index=2&list=TLhYqedAA4tIUxODA0MjAxNg I just slip my glass dropper beside my cotton wick and squeeze it in. I don’t have to re-adjust the cotton or anything. I put the cotton loosely in the coil and 3/4 way down into the tank. I don’t have to turn it for it to wick. It just works, and it never leaks or sweats or get sticky. You could fit some huge Claptons in there and any even more huge coil in the 24 mm, I’m sure. I built it duel coil, but Ripp Trippers says he prefers to run it in single coil mode. They give you a ceramic block for that, and a spare one. I had cancelled the order for the Avocado from Fasttech after they said it was on backorder, but for some reason, they sent it to me anyway, and I’m glad they did. It is possible, I won’t be buying more Aromamizers and i’ll be buying more Avocado (s) instead. Like I said… A dripper that never runs dry and doesn’t leak. I think this thing will travel well, and as I said… It’s got the best flavor of all my tanks. I recently bought several other tanks. This one wins by a landslide. I’ve still got the WISMEC Theorem on the way from AngelCigs (and it’s taking forever to come), but it beats the Aromamizer, Cleito and Phoenix, even the Cthulhu and the TFV4 for flavor – of course, it’s like a dripper. Air flow is simple and not a wind tunnel. It is moderate and can be tight if you want. But, that’s what I like… the feel of about 1/4 the drag of a cig.

For 15 ml Hazel Milk + Brandy
5 cc TPA Hazelnut
1.5 cc TPA Malted Milk
1.5 cc TPA Milk
2 drops liquid Stevia
1 cc TPA Brandy (optional)


I’ve only heard good things about the Avocado! I’m more about flavor then clouds so this seems like a good choice :slight_smile:

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I just ordered the Avocado 24 yesterday from vape happy

Hope it comes soon for you and you’ll let us know what you think. Thinking about it, It’s really great how I can lift the lid so easily and add, add add this then that… something I enjoy doing so much to try flavor combinations. Many mornings I waste a couple of hours just playing around with flavors this way. I’d say that’s the biggest part of my vaping hobby. The Avocado doesn’t even sweat or leak in any way, and flavor is tops. I’d say the only, ONLY thing I could come up with as an improvement would be a larger juice capacity. But no, I wouldn’t change a thing, even that. It’s perfect just as it is. When I built mine (1st time), I didn’t remember to put the green o-rings in; so, when I rebuild it, I plan to do that. I did put one of my new drip tips on it, and it’s green. I wouldn’t waste the excellent flavor ability of the Avocado by putting Key Lime Pie in it though. I put Key Lime (such a strong flavor) in my Zypherus because that recipe is so strong that it doesn’t matter if the tank doesn’t give you full flavor. Od to TPA Graham Cracker. . . What a lovely flavor it is! My Zypherus is sitting at the ‘need to rebuld’ table right now, so I’m missing a Key Lime vape today. So, you may ask “What’s in your Avocado?” I’m ashamed to say “I don’t know.” When I got some new flavors and made temporary labels for them, the writing came off in a soak. So, now I’m vaping something very good in my Avocado, but I don’t know what it is.

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