Avoiding diacetyl in DIY

The problem I have with it, is unless you use it as a strainer, it only comes in two flavors: toe jam, or athlete’s foot. :dizzy_face:


I’d just cut out the middle man and use an old gym sock for a wick… but thats just me, to each his own…

I read that there is like 100x the amount of diacetyl in ciggies… so realistically I think its kind of a stretch to think that it will cause some serious effects. We are pretty good at jumping on problems that aren’t really there…ie gluten free… so when something really worrisome shows up we’ll all be screaming poison and it’ll be taken off the market pretty quick.


aww…you’re so caring @Anonymiss…you’re like all heart…lol :joy:


it does not concern me to be honest i prefer diketones there are some good diketone free flavors to be honest i think no matter what it is a person does someone will find something wrong with it just my opinion


Sounds “footy”. (A few folks will get this)


Well said. That is called “Propaganda” :wink: They influence us one at a time if they have to. Put beliefs in the minds of the weak and ignorant so they can spread the lies to the masses. Then when enough people have fallen for their lies - new laws and regulations are passed in their favor. And they are able to pass them easily claiming it is what the public wants.

Oh, by the way… there is a 50 mile wide meteor heading our way. I have some insurance you can buy that will protect you in case it hits Earth and destroys your home, or simply knocks down your picket fence. You can never be too careful! :laughing:


Well, some of my favorites have it… I guess I worry a little when every ingredient I put in a liquid has it but… it tastes so darn good!

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