Bad batches/repackaging of concentrates

So, I’ve just got a new order through, a few new flavours and a lot of refills.
I’ve noticed that most of the refills taste and smell identical each time I get them, but on the odd occasion I’ll have 2 batches of the same flavour that are very different.

An example from today, I was convinced FA limone Sicily was the same as Capellas lemon Sicily, until I reordered FAs. This batch is sweet and curd like, just like the reviews state. The other bottle I have tastes like lemon dish soap (they were purchased a month or 2 apart, both FA and both limone Sicily)
Have you ever suspected suppliers who repackage concentrates of fiddling you?
I’m now convinced they’re repackaging cheaper concentrates as more pricey ones!

Either that, or are bad batches more common that I thought?

I’m not sure where you purchased these from, but if they are rebottled, it is possible that the 55 gal drum (or whatever size they buy) wasn’t well mixed before they bottled the flavors. I am pretty sure it was @Kinnikinnick that said he only buys flavors that aren’t rebottled for this reason. I’ve not really noticed it myself, but I think it’s more than possible bad batches or bad rebottles are a real thing.

If the place you’re buying from isn’t that reputable, I suppose they could be rebottling cheap flavors as something they aren’t, but I’d think that would be a pretty big risk for a company to take. If it got out that they were doing that, they’d likely be finished. Word travels fast in these circles.


A lack of mixing sounds far more likely than it being a scam.
It’s a reputable store that has always corrected any issues straight away, so I’m going to assume it’s an isolated case.
Thanks for the help.


Please let us know when you can what you find out. I’ve heard here where I live that this has been happening due to the taxes being levyed, 40%, and the struggling stores are sealing their own fate, (2 have) by doing these sub par practices to make back up the money. Thanx for starting the thread as its gonna be more important with the doom hanging over all the regs and law junk.

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I’ve emailed the store about what could have caused the inconsistency, hopefully they’ll be responsive and honest about it.
Even if it was just a mistake due to improper mixing, people should be aware of the very small risk when buying repackaged flavours. Out of the hundreds I’ve purchased this has only happened twice, so the chances are pretty low.
I imagine it’s possible to mix up flavours when so many companies use the same names.


here i live i have never found a case like the one you describe…while at the same time most supplied rebottle the flavors (mostly TFA/TPA and CAP) because they get them straight from USA in large quantities and comes kinda cheaper to rebottle them… never got bad quality flavors or whatever…

i guess i could give you these options

  1. you probably have done something wrong with your mix (overflavoring or underflavoring)
  2. the supplier isn’t so reputable (never happened to me before)
  3. something went bad at while mixing them (vendors fault) but imho that should be something really really rare… in 3 years i am Dying the worst mistake ever found is on the label having the name half completed (Cuban instead of Cubano type)

Thanks for the input Mohok, it’s certainly not a regular occurrence and has only happened twice.
It can’t have been my error, as the straight concentrate smells and tastes off too.
As someone else said, I assume it’s the vendors fault, due to improper mixing of their master batch before re bottling.
With heavier flavour molecules settling to the bottom of the solution.
Thanks for the help everyone!