Bad drip Offical recipes FarleysG / UglyB / CerealT


Farleys G
75%vg - 25%pg

FW Kiwi (NOT DOUBLE) - 4%
TPA Strawberry -5.5%
TPA fruity bubblegum - 2%
TPA sweetner .5%-1%

Cereal trip
80%vg - 20%PG

Cap - Glazed dounut - 2.5%
FW -Fruit rings 5%
TPA sweetner 1%

Ugly Butter
75%VG 25%pg

FW cinnomin roll 6%
TPA butter 2%
TPA sweet cream 1%
TPA sweetner .5%


Farleys G looks yummy

I totally agree with using FW Kiwi for Gnarley. I made it with TFA Double awhile back and didn’t like it. But I really like it with FW Kiwi

Is that flavours and percentages are what is ued in the real ones?

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You would have to buy the original and then the flavors in the recipe to compare if it tastes like the original to you. Who knows? :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what I’m doing. I have and love the Ugly butter, it’s just so good after a good breakfast or with a coffee.

Already have the Cinnamon rolls and for sure a sweetener, so going to order butter & sweet cream and will report back my experience with the mix.


After watching DIY from the start (YouTube etc) those “OG” recipes up top (from 2015 on?) are shy on creativity/complexity. Some of the original Commercial e-juices were notoriously simple and easily cracked. It’s a bit more competitive these days. We’ve all evolved and for years on here (ELR) we’ve shared some brilliant concoctions …what? Is there like a million recipes on here now? Thanks for that one @anon84779643 I’m braintasting that one right now! …you said it “Clones …meh” @Mustafa_Albazy WELCOME aboard the Good-Ship-Too-Much-Information! It is best to start out with those easier recipes, and there are threads here that celebrate the OG 3-flavor mixes. It’s important to have success mixing a tasty juice to keep you focusing on this resource …it can be daunting.


Those were the days, eh, @BoDarc :smiley:
Hope you are doing well. I miss those times… can we roll the clock back and get a redo?? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi all,

Just want to give some updates here. I mixed the Cereal Trip and Ugly Butter and Farley’s and they are all spot on … don’t change or replace anything and you’ll got a 1:1 juice.

Farley’s steeping 3 days and Ugly Butter and Cereal Trip 2 to 3 weeks IME.

I did different batches with less and more flavour %, they are Ok but different … the % in this post are the accurate ones.