Bad Juju ( Whats the worst juice you've had )

First and foremost, my intentions are not to start a thread about bashing vendors and their flavors, but I have had several friends come to me and say, “I just got this in the mail, and it’s God awful!” . They know I mix my own and sell on the side to a select few, so I hook them up… I have many bottles that they just hand me and say, “please dump it and fill it with something good” For instance, someone handed me a bottle today and the label says, “Sweet Tooth E Juice ---- Loopy” I vaped it and tasted chemical and lime with EM in the mix… There’s a web address on the label and will be sending a review, but the poor guy that gave me the bottle is out 20 bucks. Well not really, cause I’m gonna hook him up, but that just sucks! Not sure where I’m going with this topic because I don’t want to start bashing vendors (cause everyone’s taste buds a different), but I think its shitty that people are selling juice that is so awful under a ‘store front’ name, they can get away with it…

I guess the question should be, " What juice have you bought that was so awful that you wish you could force the store owner to vape the whole bottle in front of you while you watch them cringe…"

(Again, please be tactful or leave the venders name out of it if you want to go off on a rant, lol)

Or if you made a juice that was so horrible, describe the experience and entertain us :smile:

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Hi Don3;

A friend went to a convention and came back with 50-60 bottles of juices from numerous so called brand name vendors. We sat down and tried many of them one day. Results were a handful were actually good. Most tasted all the same, Many were as your friend said “God Awful”. We came to the conclusion that we were better at creating flavors than most of these companies. Bad thing, there’s that “everyone’s taste buds are different”. And it’s quite true. Someone would have liked the bad ones. Sorry but I can not name any of the bad ones, disregarded them immediately…

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Back in the day I tried Dekang’s “cream” in 24 mg all PG (this is before 50/50 was popular)… That stuff Caused me to have an instant wretching feeling…
We are lucky to have gourmet flavors and lots of choices… As well as making our own to our liking… Which for me at least brought my Nic level down and it’s purity is way better because I know exactly where everything comes from and handle things with care…
This is why we need to stick together as a community and Try to stop our freedom to vape from being taken away…

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I made a batch of a honey ry4 kinda mix and I put too much honey in and it tasted like someone pissed on a smoke and I lit it right up …I won’t say which companies honey it was but I’m sure most could figure that out


Reminds me of a recipe’s comments I read a while back, LOL…


I used to use a flavor company Vapor Shots and ordered their Mango. My wife would not let me blend with it because she said it smelled like cat piss. At the time I did not agree with her and had one of my customer smell my blend with it. I’ll never know whether it was a mistake saying first that my wife thought it smelled like cat piss. This woman agreed so the blend and the Mango flavor was sent packing (TRASHED)

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I tried a black sesame e juice which was 100% sesame no other flavors and it was 100% disgusting !
Also I tried a bacon from that same company equally as retching OMG stunk the whole house up whew never Again !!!


That’s disappointing I really wanted to try the bacon !

Taste Is subjective but ugh it was so Nasty. Up to you :smile:

I used to love MBV’s Banana Cream Pie, it was my ADV for months until they, the flavor manufacturer, changed something. Now it tastes and smells like chemical soup. After i started DIY i would buy the flavoring and mix my own, i ordered 4 bottles at a time. One month i placed my usual order and all 4 bottles were crap and were dumped. I figured something got screwed up so i ordered two more bottles after waiting a month and they went down the drain as well. I hit Reddit to find that several others had the same issue.

It was so bad that i can still smell it despite not having it for almost a year. Of course they offered to replace, i declined the offer, it but by then i had already created my own recipe and moved beyond MBV flavorings as i needed to know who the manufacturer of each flavoring was. And no, not all their flavorings are FW, a lot of people believe this and at one time it may have been true but it isnt true any longer, James has stated this several times. Honestly i wish they would tell you who makes the flavorings, when you order a 15ml bottle they fill it to the point of it being 18ml, very inexpensive for 18ml of flavoring.

It was seriously the worst flavor i have ever smelled or vaped, no amount of curing was going to fix that problem.

The other was Vanilla Cupcake by MBV, it came as a free sample. It tasted liked dirty hippies smell. I let it cure for a month and it was even worse. The BCP was the last straw for me and MBV, i guess my DIY needs just grew up too fast.

I just ran into this same issue with a Pineapple Flavoring. They are in the process of sending me a new bottle, but was told that no process has changed in making the flavoring. The color is much darker than normal and the smell is much more concentrated. I am really hoping I just got an expired bottle or something went wrong with it because I really like their pineapple.

Good luck with that, i hope the same thing hasnt happened to the Pineapple. Its almost as bad as a punch in the junk when something like this happens.

Well, I just added one of the worse juices to my list just today, sadly it was my mix. I thought I would try just one more time to do some blending with cherry flavor. I had a huge reminder that cherry does not play well with others. Tasted literally like soap, yummy, and it’s a great floor wax. Keep this in mind people and you just may avoid one of those WORST JUICES YOU’VE HAD.

Was it Maraschino Cherry (TPA)? I’ve been told to cut it down to 10% with PG and then use it as a flavor base because its so damn concentrated. Haven’t tried though… I too, have had that experience and feel your pain,lol…

No, Black Cherry. My buddy tells me Black Cherry is the worst to try to use as a base. Honest truth Don3, I don’t have the time to play with cherry flavor Most tell me it makes a better accent flavor and yes at low %s, REAL LOW. I just thought I’d give it a shot because the concept sounded so great. If you want to play, here was my thoughts. Cherry, Kaluha, and Hazelnut. Definite taste of cherry, not overpowering, and definite taste of the kaluha, with maybe some nutty tones. I also considered just a WEE bit of milk chocolate, though I thought of that too late for the mix. I think the idea is sound but maybe not feasible with Cherry. I almost decided to use Raspberry but last minute thought I would give Cherry one more shot in a blend. I will probably try the Raspberry version next week If I get some time, it does sound good.


I’ve had some bad ones. MBV pear was obnoxiously strong and sweet. Vixen vapors butterscotch tasted like alcohol, apparently they use real scotch in it ha!

I recently bought some juices2 die4 and I ended up getting one I didn’t per say intend on. It was remember me a pomegrante e juice. I don’t like it I keep trying to mix it with a strawberry I like to tolerate it but that pomegrante keeps shining thru ugh gross and it was 22$ at that. Just gross. Another one I don’t care for is cinnamon- sugar bear by CW not my thing has a big following and I didn’t like ruthless’ forgot the name oh well. But I rarely buy juice i think I’ll stick with DIY as my go to.

Wow it was actually today!! A well known and reputable online site had a special of a free 17ml bottle of juice with a 10 dollar order so I thought what the heck. I needed coils anyway. I ordered Grape Candy and it was the most gawdawful juice I’ve ever encountered. It actually made me nauseous lol. I haven’t diy’d with grape and thought I’d try it. Not now. Ever lol. Like to never got it out of my new coil either. Icky stuff.

That’s a shame, I snagged the Icon Batman recipe a while back and it was pretty good with the grape candy…

I added 2% Sweetener to it afterwards to get a Purple Skittle flavor after Icon’s suggestion.