Bad news for Australian vaping community

It is official that not only nicotine juice are banned , now they are going to ban non nicotine juices too, this is outrageous and a load of bull crap… :frowning:

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Just in time to report to Bilderberg next month. The globalists are winning.


Was about to setup my online ejuice shop , all hard work fucking down the drain, even worse is that I feel bad for the stores that we have down here.

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Oh man, I’m so sorry to hear this. That really sucks. I hope the world smartens up and realizes what a mistake this all is.

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I really hope so mate, the big fishes make it hard to put up a fight against.


As far as the lawmakers are concerned, this is no mistake but a deliberate act of punishing people for finding a way to get out of the clutches of BT and BP. How dare they, what about the cashflow! Reading some of the comments by the GP, it is obvious they haven’t got a clue when it comes to the difference between smoking and vaping. They are applauding, cause now they don’t have to inhale our secondhand smoke anymore and the world has become a safer and healthier place. Oh and of course the children, they can’t be dying from secondhand vapor, they have a much better death waiting for them when they finally start fracking and pollute Australia’s water table so nobody can live there anymore. Another excellent propaganda job accomplished. :ok_hand:


Just disgusted by the naiveness of the government…if so much in doubt why not test it then rather than just forcing your rules to everyone. Is there anything we can do, all combined to put our words out there so at least people would know what bullshit they are supporting.?

Unfortunately they’re not naive, they know exactly what they are doing.

We’ve been doing that for years but the average vaper has not been aware of what’s been cooked up for them, they will wake up now. We need people like doctors speaking out against this and some have, there’s enough objective research out there that proves them wrong with their fear mongering. Alas, MSM is a corporate business and it’s not in their interest to report the truth. As long as the majority of people are too lazy to get up off their asses and look for information themselves instead of getting it spoon fed in easy to digest chunks by MSM, things will not change. It is really sad to see people continuously working against their own interest because they believe the lies that MSM is feeding them every single day. That’s why we are allowed to live in a free society, they have thought controle down to a tee.


I agree. Nobody can be THAT stupid. That greedy, absolutely. The problem is they assume we the people are that stupid when the majority have become accustomed to an “oh well, what can you do” type of society. If it was about health, then we wouldn’t see people becoming homeless because they got sick, or people dying because they can’t afford pills that cost hundreds/thousands a pill. The children are a favorite shield when in fact, it is the children’s services and education that get the biggest cuts when politicians get into budget-cutting mode. I’ve been saying it for a while now: there’s a revolution coming and it’s going to get ugly. Mad Max here we come.


I think the revolition will be quashed simply by marijuana. You want thought control? Lower everyones IQ by 15 points. High docile subservient sheep is what we’re meant to be. Every time I go out, the bar is dead and people are all just high texting or playing games on their phones. Weed isn’t even legal here and everyone is messed up. The government doesn’t have our best inyentons in mind… …but that old saying that a people get the government they deserve. . .is starting to really bite here in the states. Ramble over, lol.

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I have to admit, I wasn’t familiar with Australia’s’ tobacco laws. There was a pretty common theme, from Down Under ELR posters comments though. It sucks.

I did a little nosing around, and found this site.

I poked around there, just picking chapters at random. There are a lot of references to ‘studies, analysis, findings, etc’.

I found something that addresses the harm to small businesses in Section 17 (17.5.3) They basically say, it will be a wash. A person has x amount of money to spend on smoking. If he or she cannot spend it on smoking, they’ll spend it on other things, which will increase those businesses. So, there won’t be an overall ‘loss’ of business.

So, business owner A, can go out of business, but that’s ok, because business owner B will now be able to afford a new pool, or car?

Put on a burka and go down to Jill Hennesy’s office and complain that you need to start a business.
Tell her you will hire gays, lesbians, and trannys.
She will probably give you the start-up money.
[pisses me off, Brother]

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