Bad nicotine flooded market?

I have been struggling with nicotine issues lately ( past 3 months ) I’ve tried several different vendors and to no avail… Never had an issue with “USA Nicotine” until I had an issue - Now I can’t find a decent nicotine that does’nt ruin all my mixes - I’ve dumped several liters of juice because of it… I’ve tried NN, CX, VT, NicSelect, - they all have an “off” smell and taste to them… so frustrated with this issue. Anybody else having issues with inconsistent Nicotine lately?

I’ve been getting nic from nicotine river for the last year and a half or so and never had any trouble. It’s always been crystal clear and clean tasting. They use NicSelect, but keep in mind not all NicSelect resellers are the same. They still have to mix it up themselves before shipping it out… I could be wrong, but that’s how it was explained to me.


thanks, I have sample orders coming from Nic Labs, Xtreme and Nic vape - but I will definitely try Nic River. heard lots of good feedback on them.


Vaperstek is excellent nic.

so I hear, but the bottle I received 2 weeks ago smells like ass and mushrooms… Its clear in color but ruins my mixes. I store in the freezer, It’s VG based 100mg… maybe got an “off” batch?? who knows

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I get nic select from liquid barn.
Never hand any issues
My last order was a couple weeks ago

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A nic test kit might be a good idea too. It will at least verify the strength for you. I’ve heard of at least one instance where nic labeled 100mg was way higher.

Contact him he’s super cool and helped me when I first started diy. I still have 2 unopened bottles he sent me.

thanks, I will definitely reach out to them. thanks for the feedback all

No problem. I’d offer to send you one but without proper permits and all it’s a felony to send by mail.

haha, no wories - I’ve used LB’s USA Nic for the past 2 years without any issue, they no longer stock it - so now the hunt begins…

We had some bad batches of USA starting out, and man was it bad, like spicy gym sock and earth flavor. It was confirmed to be a bad batch, but a good batch didn’t taste much better.

Try Nicselect, whether you get it from Nicotine River or LB is up to you. I have had the same batch for 2 years almost, clear and tasteless, but mine was straight from Alchem. I don’t plan on buying anytime soon, but Nicselect has always been the go to.


Another vote for nicselect from NR. That’s all I use.