"bad" PG stomach ache / itchy eyes?

I happened to order from another vendor my base liquid for DIY
here in France you mostly order pre-mixed PG/VG with nicotines base liquids such as 30 PG / 70 VG 3mg nic etc
I was previously using 20 PG / 70 VG @ 4mg nic base from a really good vendor here (TheFuu) and was doing okay - occasionally getting a bit overdosed on nic I thought (heart pounding a bit if I vape too much)
but this new base 30PG/70VG @ 3mg (which is diluted further as I add 10-15% flavorings) is giving me itchy eyes, stomach cramps , joint pain - just bad !
I vaped plain 0% nic 100% VG and that didnt give me any side effects
I’m just confused now as to what’s the problem, too much PG or maybe just “bad” PG

Ooh er, that is not good, have you got a recipe and links to the products your using so we can see exactly what your vaping

Read up on Propylene Glycol Allergy

I think the focus has most always been on the topical application of PG - whereas PG inhalation via aerosol is a relatively new form of exposure.

However, if you’ve not had symptoms from other PG vendors, I would highly recommend, as has been recommended here numerous times, using a process of elimination. One I would suggest is…

Vape the PG by itself. If you get symptoms you should clearly call that the problem. If not…
Since you’ve already vaped the VG by itself, add the nic to it and try that. If no symptoms…
Add the flavors of the recipe one at a time to the VG/nic liquid. Vape after each addition till you get the symptoms.

You may need to give it enough time between each test to allow a possible culprit to reveal itself. I would also advise starting your test with a tank or RDA with a fresh build on new coils made from wire you cleaned and fresh cotton. Because if you ran these tests with a new build and no symptoms occurred, you may want to look at your wire or wick in the previous build.

Please let us know what you discover.

my math could be wrong here but … 10% increase at 70/30 is giving you 33% more pg than the 80/20.

i think the op only mixes with pre-mixed bases so i doubt they have PG and nic on hand to try them all separately .

if you still have some VG available i would make a batch of base and add some more VG and see if you still if that solves the issues.

(I’d get someone to check my math from the picture first tho lol )

My confusion. I saw the bit about vaping plain VG and made an assumption.

This really would be the best way to get to the bottom of the problem tho . Maybe give the guys at ‘’ the Fuu ‘’ a call explain the situation and see if they can do you a bottle of 100% VG @ 3mg and a small bottle of PG so you can mix 80/20 -70/30-60/40- 50-50 and see if you can trigger the allergy .

If you can vape them all ok you will at least know it was a bad batch and to avoid that vendor in the future

I don’t use pg at all.

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And? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Too much PG will cause my tinnitus to flare and throat to get a little raw. I know for a fact that flavors with dike tones will give me a belly ache and make my stomach feel queazy. 15% CAP Vanilla Custard, a few puffs and I’m feeling bad the rest of the day.

You’re absolutely right yep don’t have PG by itself or Nic by itself
Yes I’ll mix VG with the premixed base and see
I think I’ll just avoid that vendor as well

You dont need it is my point. Cut your vg with 5% water.

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Have you tried the V2 of the Vanilla Custard and if so, do you tolerate it well? I am so glad I don’t have that issue because the custard is part of my regular routine.

Ahhh, now I get it. I just figured you were having random thoughts! :slight_smile:


Yes and I don’t care for V2. The only VC I like is Flavorah and I can mix it with a very little amount of CAP V1 VC.