Bad PNP coil? Low power warning

I just bought a Drag X along with a Sony VTC6 3000mAH battery. The pod came with a 0.15 ohm coil and I decided to use it. I normally prefer 0.6.

I puffed 270 times yesterday. Mostly with other tanks/coils. I didn’t like the juice in the tank with 0.15 coil and think I might have puffed it less than 50 or maybe even less that 30 times, spread throughout the day yesterday.

Today I started with 0.15 and immediately had issue. First, I could puff for a sec before the pod would say low power. Battery had been fully charged. This kept happening until I removed the battery.

Then, after checking and reinserting battery, the display would say 0.00ohm with the 0.15 coil. Pressing the button now immediately gives a Low Power message on the display.

I have 3 other tanks with 1x0.3 and 2x0.6 ohm coils. No issue with any of those.

I had Drag S for about 10 months before it suddenly died (stopped being able to charge). Never experienced anything like this.

What do you think? Is it an issue with the coil or could it be something with the pod?


So there is only one giving the issue? Correct? If it is the coil is just a bad one. It happens with commercial coils now and Then. It has a bad connection in it. Put another coil in it and you should be fine if is in fact only that coil


Yeah, it’s only this one coil and I think you are right about bad connection. This one seems to be extremely sensitive about it.

I was just at a vape shop to get an extra battery and we had a talk about this. He had a look and it started working again, but only for 4-5 puffs. He too concluded it’s a bad coil.

Just got home and wanted to give it one last try and it’s working again :laughing: A bad coil isn’t a biggie. I was worried for a sec that t might be the pod.