Bakery Flavors that add "crunch"

Hey everyone. Many of the cookie type flavors lack depth and tend to blend in with creams. An example is Cap graham cracker. I find it will blend in with creams, icing flavors and lacks the cookie “crunch” i am looking for. Would love to hear suggestions and experience on cookie type flavors that stand out in a mix

You might want to give Real Flavor’s Super Concentrate Shortbread Cookie a try. I have never had INW Biscuit but any recipe I adapt for RF SC flavors that calls for biscuit I replace with SB Cookie now.

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I have RF SC shortbread and sugar cookie. Honestly, i found both to be rather flat. Also usage rate 2-2.5% does very little in a mix. 3-3.5% is better however IMO. Dont get me wrong, i do consider them both useful but would categorize both as smooth bakery flavors and use them as back notes. INW biscuit is so similiar to AP and is in fact an option here. I rememember reading that AP can add crunch and so i will experiment more with both AP and INW biscuit. The other option is FA cookie which does cook and add “crunch” which is very useful for cookie profiles. When added to pie recipes, however, it tends to bond with the pie crust and make the mix taste to cookie like.


I can’t comment on Rf SBC (it is on my next order)

Currently I use

Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA) 1%
Biscuit (INAWERA)1%
Cookie (Biscotto) (FA) 2%

for my cookie it is still rather flat but does have a nice biscuit flavor (i am sure it is not quite what you are looking for). I am hoping a combo of the SBC and those 3 will give me the cookie I am hoping for.


Thank you. Your percentages look about right, for my tastes anyhow. I use the FA more sparingly however. Creating a cookie recipe is not the problem i am finding however. It is creating a flavor which is cream,icing heavy and finding a bakery flavor that will stand out/against the creams. Recipes like Dunkaroos or Pies. Dunkaroos is a good example. The “bakery” flavors tend to bond with the icing/frosting/creams flavors and "muddy the icing aspect. Many bakery flavors are to smooth as they contain AP Or A. Cap graham cracker will stick to the icing and instead of icing and grahamy cookie you end up with “grahmy” icing lol
I hope this explains it better


Ya i think I know what you mean I am still in the search for a clean cookie that stands out against chocolate as a distinct flavor so I get a chocolate and a cookie rather than a chocolate cookie (which I think is a similar issue to what you are having? )

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Could try : Rice krispies: nice authentic taste of the plain ceral. Adds a crunchy aspect which is interesting

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I’ve been working with Biscotti (FLV) and I’m pretty impressed with it so far. My 1st mix with it was at 1.5% and it was STRONG. My recent mixes I’ve lowered to .7% and I’m getting a much better cookie flavor from it. It reminds me of those flower shaped butter cookies with hole in the center. It imparts a buttery, vanilla and a slight lemon note. It definitely delivers a crunch type effect also. My test are still early, but this flavor shows potential. My feeling is that this flavor can affect a mix below .7%.


FLV biscotti did come to mind but I like you started way way to high at 3% lol I have been scared of it ever since but was going to attempt much lower percentage at some point. Actually i just pulled that particular mix from the shelf and its not bad believe it or not, I do however have a brutal cold right now that is not helping with testing or mixing. Thank you for reminding me I ordered a 120ml of FA cookie back in august! Still no sign off it, wtf gonna call them again for the third time 2mrw

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I had a similar issue and called a couple times with no results.

I went here and it shipped the next day.

Log in to your account >>> click on add request >>> enter your order# and your complaint.

I hope you get it worked out.


1% of CAP Cereal 27 does the trick for me especially when used with other bakery flavors like INW Biscuit, FA Cookie, or CAP Yellow Cake.